Dec 05, 2011 | 10:02 AM EST

Hyunsuk Yang and Eunju Lee - 2nd Child Pregnancy

On the 5th, Hyunsuk Yang and Eunju Lee have announced their pregnancy of their 2nd child.

This couple had their first child Eugene last year on August 5th, will look forward to next spring for their second child.

According to several sources, they only announced their pregnancy to close friends and family. They were embarrased but excited to share their news with fans. 

Hyunsuk Yang and Eunjoo Lee married after 9 years of secret dating and received their first child within five months of their marriage.

Hyunsuk Yang who is the president of YG Entertainment is currently a judge on the SBS audition show called "K-Pop Star".

Photo credits: SBS TV "K-Pop Star" , Eunju Lee's Homepage

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