A Pink

A Pink's Eunji To Appear On KBS 2TV's Variety Program 'I'm A Man'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.30.14 | 06:14PM EDT

A Pink's Eunji will make an appearance on the variety show 'I'm A Man' on September 5

Na Eun Puckers Up In Bright Red Lipstick For Peripera

Fashion & Style 08.30.14 | 04:58PM EDT

A Pink cutie Na Eun has been selected as the model endorser for cosmetics brand Peripera.

A Pink Ice Bucket Challenge

Trendz 08.28.14 | 11:41AM EDT

A Pink Ice Bucket Challenge;A Pink Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted. Enjoy!

'The Real Man' Hyeri, Upon Seeing Lockers "There's Only A Pink" Disappointed

Stars on TV / Movies 08.25.14 | 04:43AM EDT

Girl group Girl's Day's member Hyeri was disappointed by A Pink Jung Eunji's picture.

Jung Eun-ji A-Pink ALS ice bucket challenge

Trendz 08.23.14 | 11:10AM EDT

Jung Eun-ji A-Pink did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. See her reaction after doing the challenge.

Bomi Ranks The A Pink Members On 'The Human Condition'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.19.14 | 08:43PM EDT

Bomi ranks her fellow A Pink members on who's the prettiest

5 K-Pop Girl Group Rivalries

Features 08.17.14 | 11:04AM EDT

Girl groups have battled it out in K-Pop for years.

Will A Pink Continue The Success Of Korean Girl Groups In Japan?

Features 08.17.14 | 03:37AM EDT

Attention is on A Pink's debut in Japan and whether they will follow Girls' Generation and KARA's footsteps

'The Human Condition' Bomi, Difficult Pilates Move Completed With Flexible Body

Stars on TV / Movies 08.17.14 | 03:03AM EDT

Girl group A Pink's member Bomi easily completed a difficult pilates move.

Will A-PINK Become The Next Japan Hallyu Star After Girls' Generation-KARA?

Stars on TV / Movies 08.15.14 | 09:07AM EDT

For the past few years, groups such as Girls' Generation and KARA have been very successful in Japan.

A Pink Showed Their Bare Faces on "Showtime"

Trendz 08.15.14 | 04:45AM EDT

Another fun episode for A Pink's show "Showtime" as their flashed their bare faces

A Pink, The Whole Group Gathers In One Place "Thank You Pink Panda And Members"

Buzz 08.14.14 | 09:00PM EDT

Girl group A Pink revealed a group picture.

‘Trot Lovers’ Ends On An Upbeat Note

Buzz 08.14.14 | 12:26PM EDT

Just like the lyrics of a trot song, the life of Choon Hee, the main character in “Trot Lovers,” was no stranger to tragedy. But the drama ended on an upbeat note.

A Pink Son Naeun Prepares Seaweed Soup For Bomi On Her Birthday

Buzz 08.14.14 | 12:10AM EDT

A Pink's member Son Naeun prepared a little surprise for member Bomi on her birthday.

'The Human Condition' A Pink Bomi, "The Prettiest Of A Pink Is Hayoung"

Buzz 08.11.14 | 02:18AM EDT

As A Pink's member Bomi chose Hayoung as the prettiest member of their group on "The Human Condition", Hayoung's past self-camera photo is being relit under spotlight.

'The Human Conditioon' A Pink Bomi, Successfully Joins The Family Through Orangutan Impersonation

Stars on TV / Movies 08.10.14 | 04:27AM EDT

Girl group A Pink's member Bomi turned into an orangutan as her initiation for joining "The Human Condition".

A-PINK's Upcoming Japan Debut Gains Much Attention And Tops Tower Records Preorder Chart

Stars on TV / Movies 08.06.14 | 09:33AM EDT

Group A-PINK has received much interest after revealing that they would be making their Japan debut this fall.

Girl Group A-PINK To Make Official Japan Debut This Fall

Stars on TV / Movies 08.05.14 | 10:43AM EDT

Girl group A-PINK held their first Japan solo showcase and will officially debut in Japan.

What To Expect From 'A Pink's Showtime' [Blog]

Stars on TV / Movies 08.04.14 | 05:43AM EDT

With season two of "Showtime" now at an end, we look forward to season three with girl group A Pink.

KARA's Youngji & Gyuri Reveal Teaser Photos Signaling Their Comeback Countdown

Headlines 08.01.14 | 12:05AM EDT

KARA's Youngji and Gyuri have revealed their teaser photos.

A Pink Sends A Love Letter To Their Fans

Buzz 07.31.14 | 04:04PM EDT

Girl group A Pink sent a surprise love letter to their fans.

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