A Pink

Airport Fashion Spotlight: A Pink's Bomi

Fashion & Style 10.28.14 | 10:30AM EDT

A Pink's Bomi channels her boyish side in for her airport fashion.

Get That K-Pop Look: Jung Eunji's Airport Fashion

Fashion & Style 10.24.14 | 07:06AM EDT

K-Pop stars are masters at taking airport fashion to the next level, and this week we'll show you one of the killer examples from Jung Eunji.

Apink Showcase Their Signature Cute And Flirty Look At First Japanese Performance

Fashion & Style 10.22.14 | 09:15AM EDT

Girl group A-PINK recently completed their first Japan stage and revealed a photo online.

A Pink at ICN Departing to Taiwan for Samsung Charity Concert - Oct 11, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 10.13.14 | 09:54PM EDT

A Pink at ICN Departing to Taiwan for Samsung Charity Concert - Oct 11, 2014 [PHOTOS]

A Pink Chorong, 'Nine Plus Boys' Ending "Precious Moments"

Stars on TV / Movies 10.12.14 | 05:55AM EDT

Girl group A Pink's member Chorong revealed how she feels about tvN drama "Nine Plus Boys" ending.

A Pink Chorong, Skinny Body 'Listening To Music'

Buzz 10.09.14 | 03:22AM EDT

A Pink's member Chorong showed off her skinny body that fits perfectly into a small chair.

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (September 28- October 4)

Features 10.06.14 | 07:51AM EDT

Instagram round up of photos straight from your favorite K-Pop Idols

'Music Bank' Highlights: TaeTiSeo Wins #1 On The October 3, 2014 'Bio Industry Expo' Episode + Recaps

Headlines 10.04.14 | 01:43PM EDT

TaeTiSeo wins their third first place trophy on the October 3rd episode of 'Music Bank.'

A Pink, Participates In Fundraising Event For Lou Gehrig's Disease

Headlines 09.27.14 | 03:29AM EDT

Girl group A Pink participated in a fundraising event for a Lou Gehrig's Disease hospital.

A Pink Celebrates 10,000 Fan Café Members Milestone With Handwritten Letters

Headlines 09.24.14 | 07:07AM EDT

A Pink members write handwritten notes to their fans. Fan cafe experiences explosive growth.

A Pink's Eunji Reveals She Did Not Need Training To Debut

Stars on TV / Movies 09.19.14 | 07:52AM EDT

A Pink's Eunji talks about how she quickly debuted without needing to go through training.

Park Ha Seon, A Pink's Son Na Eun and 4Minute's Heo Ga Yoon Attend an Ambassador Appointment Ceremony at Dongguk University - Sep 17, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Events 09.18.14 | 09:52PM EDT

Park Ha Seon, A Pink's Son Na Eun and 4Minute's Heo Ga Yoon Attend an Ambassador Appointment Ceremony at Dongguk University - Sep 17, 2014 [PHOTOS]

A Pink Naeun, Girls' Generation Seohyun And Yoona Named Dongguk University Ambassadors

Headlines 09.18.14 | 05:38AM EDT

Seohyun, Yoona, Naeun are now ambassadors for Dongguk University.

A Pink Jung Eunji, Imitates The Monkey For 'RED'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.17.14 | 02:17AM EDT

Girl group A Pink's member Jung Eunji revealed a funny dance unlike of a girl group member, catching much attention.

"A Pink's Prettiest Member" Oh Hayoung, Timeline Of Past Photos 'Natural Beauty'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.11.14 | 02:58AM EDT

Girl group A Pink's member Oh Hayoung who was chosen to be the 'prettiest member' chosen by the members themselves revealed her timeline of photos.

'Showtime' Son Naeun, Chooses BEAST Son Dongwoon As The Best Looking Guy In Her Agency

Stars on TV / Movies 09.03.14 | 03:12AM EDT

Girl group A Pink's member Son Naeun chose group BEAST's member Son Dongwoon as the best-looking one of the 'Cube Family'.

A Pink's Eunji To Appear On KBS 2TV's Variety Program 'I'm A Man'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.30.14 | 06:14PM EDT

A Pink's Eunji will make an appearance on the variety show 'I'm A Man' on September 5

Na Eun Puckers Up In Bright Red Lipstick For Peripera

Fashion & Style 08.30.14 | 04:58PM EDT

A Pink cutie Na Eun has been selected as the model endorser for cosmetics brand Peripera.

A Pink Ice Bucket Challenge

Trendz 08.28.14 | 11:41AM EDT

A Pink Ice Bucket Challenge;A Pink Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted. Enjoy!

'The Real Man' Hyeri, Upon Seeing Lockers "There's Only A Pink" Disappointed

Stars on TV / Movies 08.25.14 | 04:43AM EDT

Girl group Girl's Day's member Hyeri was disappointed by A Pink Jung Eunji's picture.

Jung Eun-ji A-Pink ALS ice bucket challenge

Trendz 08.23.14 | 11:10AM EDT

Jung Eun-ji A-Pink did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. See her reaction after doing the challenge.

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