Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young Speaks About Her Husband on ‘Healing Camp’

Stars on TV / Movies 04.16.14 | 07:57AM EDT

Singer Baek Ji Young spoke about her love for her husband Jung Suk Won on SBS's "Healing Camp".

Baek Ji Young, "Marrying Jung Suk Won, Both Sides Of Parents Were Against It"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.15.14 | 02:22AM EDT

Singer Baek Ji Young revealed that getting married to actor Jung Suk Won was not easy.

Actor Jung Suk Won Can Move Forward With His Career

Stars on TV / Movies 04.14.14 | 11:59AM EDT

The actor resolved his legal dispute with his former agency.

April is the Month of New Variety Shows

Headlines 04.12.14 | 04:11AM EDT

This April, more than five new variety shows are set to air.

Baek Ji Young, "Kwanghee Is Fixing His Face Well Without Making It Noticeable" 'Shocking'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.01.14 | 12:29AM EDT

Baek Ji Young pointed out Kwanghee's consistant plastic surgeries.

Baek Ji Young To Join Jun Hyun Moo & Noh Hong Chul As MC

Stars on TV / Movies 03.25.14 | 04:33AM EDT

Queen of ballad Baek Ji Young will be joining Jun Hyun Moo and Noh Hong Chul as an MC for MBC pilot love variety program "Love Notice" (working title).

The Singers That Turn OST Into Hit Songs

Headlines 03.15.14 | 04:49AM EDT

Singers Lyn and Baek Ji Young have enjoyed unprecedented success as they sing the soundtracks for various TV dramas

Baek JI Young, "Audition Judge In Vietnam... It Was A Meaningful Experience"

Stars on TV / Movies 03.05.14 | 11:23PM EST

Singer Baek Ji Young once again worked as a judge for auditions.

Baek Ji Young To Be A Judge For Korea-Vietnam Collaborative Global Auditions, 'LOTTE VK-POP SUPERSTAR'

Stars on TV / Movies 02.21.14 | 12:10PM EST

Singer Baek Ji Young will be a judge for the Korea-Vietnam global auditions, 'LOTTE VK-POP SUPERSTAR'.

K-Drama Couples Who Overcame A Big Age Difference

Stars on TV / Movies 02.17.14 | 11:19AM EST

These successful k-drama couples have overcome a significant age difference.

Baek Ji Young Appears As Guest On ‘Witch Hunt’

Stars on TV / Movies 02.14.14 | 05:08AM EST

Baek Ji Young made a guest appearance on JTBC's "Witch Hunt" and shared her stories.

From "Respond 1994" Concert To Il Divo, February Is Full Of Concerts

Headlines 02.06.14 | 05:48AM EST

As is common in February, the month of love, many concerts are lined up for music lovers everywhere.

No Longer Available - What Are the "Taken" Ladies Doing For New Years?

Headlines 01.30.14 | 04:11AM EST

So what are they doing for the new years?

Baek Ji Young Praises Jun Ji Hyun’s Singing

Headlines 01.25.14 | 06:23AM EST

Singer Baek Ji Young praised Jun Ji Hyun's singing on drama "You Who Came from the Stars."

Bada-Baek Ji Young, Picture Together 'Sexy Divas'

Buzz 01.04.14 | 04:16AM EST

Singer Bada revealed a picture taken with singer Baek Ji Young.

Baek Ji Young, Guest At Sung Si Kyung's Concert With Husband Jung Suk Won

Headlines 01.02.14 | 01:42AM EST

Singer Baek Ji Young and her husband, actor Jung Suk Won, attends to 'Sung Si Kyung Concert' as guests.

GaOn Charts 2013: Ballads Are Number 1, Followed by Hip Hop and OST in 2nd, and Idols in 3rd

Hot Issues 12.29.13 | 12:10AM EST

The most loved genre of the year was none other than ballads, as revealed by Gaon Charts on December 27th.

Baek Ji Young and Ailee To Faceoff On ‘Immortal Song 2’

Headlines 12.17.13 | 02:53AM EST

Some of the best vocalists of the South Korean music industry will go head-to-head on "Immortal Song 2."

The Top Kdrama Issues of 2013: Part Five

Stars on TV / Movies 12.16.13 | 10:53AM EST

Gossiping about kdrama stars is one thing but once netizens post negative comments online, they can be charged with defamation.

"No Mercy" Declared on Cyber Bullies by Ailee, Kang Min Kyung, and JYJ

Hot Issues 11.14.13 | 10:25AM EST

Harmful gossip, photoshopped or illegally obtained pictures, and the disruption of privacy have been harassing celebrities for decades. Today's celebrities, however, have essentially declared war on such cyber bullying.

Baek Ji Young Steps Up as Visual Director for Yoo Sung Eun

Buzz 11.08.13 | 01:40AM EST

Singer Baek Ji Young updated her fans.

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