EXO's Baekhyun and Lay

Lay Shares Heartwarming Story Of Unyielding Support From EXO Band Mate Baekhyun At Fan Event In China

Headlines 05.22.15 | 09:40AM EDT

Recently during a mini fan-meet event, EXO's Lay talked about how other members of the group expressed support for his activities in China.

Tao Costume

EXO's Tao Dons Fantasy Costumes For Video Game Promotional Photos

Headlines 05.21.15 | 12:23PM EDT

A video shows Tao dressing up in magician's robes and soldier's armor in his endorsement campaign for a new Chinese mobile game.


Tao Lands Endorsement Gig For Chinese Mobile Game

Headlines 05.21.15 | 10:59AM EDT

While taking a break from EXO activities to recuperate from a leg injury, Tao has signed a new solo endorsement deal.


EXO's Baekhyun Shares A Photo Taken With His Pet During A Walk

Buzz 05.21.15 | 12:54AM EDT

EXO's member Baekhyun revealed his walk with his pet.

Still Under Contract, SM Entertainment Moves To Block Former EXO Members Kris and Luhan's Chinese Activities

SM Entertainment Announces New Lawsuits As Their Legal Battle With Kris And Luhan Reaches Compulsory Mediation And Settlement

Hot Issues 05.20.15 | 11:25AM EDT

Although the Seoul Central District Court is now enforcing compulsory mediation between SM Entertainment and EXO's Kris Wu and Luhan, the record label is launching new lawsuits against other parties involved in the recent controversies.

EXO's Lay

EXO's Lay Pushes Through With Fan Event Despite Worsening Waist Injury

Hot Issues 05.20.15 | 08:46AM EDT

Despite aggravating a previous injury to his waist, Lay still met with 150 fans on May 19.

EXO Xiumin

Xiumin Becomes Latest EXO Member To Expand Into Acting

Stars on TV / Movies 05.20.15 | 08:00AM EDT

For his first acting role, Xiumin is set to play a follower of Yoo Seung Ho's titular folk hero character in "Kim Sun Dal."


EXO's 'Exodus' Sets Billboard Record For Highest Ranking Korean Boy Band

Headlines 05.19.15 | 08:33AM EDT

The album has also been on the Top 10 of the World Albums chart for the past six weeks.

EXO's Chanyeol at a Press Conference of Upcoming Film 'Jangsoo Shop'

EXO's Chanyeol Reportedly Flees Overzealous Fans In Tokyo

Hot Issues 05.18.15 | 10:16PM EDT

It was recently reported that EXO member Chanyeol was forced to run away from some overzealous fans while walking the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Kris, Luhan

Korean Court Orders Forced Arbitration Between Former EXO Members Luhan, Kris And SM Entertainment

Hot Issues 05.18.15 | 07:31AM EDT

In a process that began nearly a year ago, the parties previously met in voluntary arbitration, but failed to reach suitable agreements.

Flash Finger is setting the tone for K-EDM.

Flash Finger Of SM Entertainment's BeatBurger To DJ In Austin, Texas Next Month

Headlines 05.17.15 | 02:09PM EDT

Flash Finger will make his live Texas debut at the Elysium nightclub on Saturday, June 20.


'EXO Next Door' Breaks 10 Million Views For The 1st Time In History Of NaverTV Cast

Stars on TV / Movies 05.16.15 | 11:49AM EDT

Group EXO made history with their web drama.

Lee Seung Chul with EXO members Beakhyun, Chen, and Chanyeol for 'The Day We Meet'

Lee Seung Chul Puts Together All-Star Ensemble For Upcoming Korean Liberation Song Including EXO, Girl's Day

Headlines 05.14.15 | 04:47PM EDT

The song titled 'The Day We Meet' will mark the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule.

EXO Tao Exodus

Reports Of EXO's Tao Putting His Car In Korea Up For Sale Fuel Continuing Rumors Of His Departure From The Group

Hot Issues 05.14.15 | 09:30AM EDT

The dealer noted that the original owner of the white Maserati Granturismo Sport 4.7 MC was a famous idol.

Luhan stars in the Chinese adaptation of 'Miss Granny,' '20 Once Again.'

Former EXO Member Luhan Nabs Award For '20 Once Again' Role

Stars on TV / Movies 05.12.15 | 09:42AM EDT

Luhan may have left the group that helped him rise to fame, but he's showing great promise in China where he recently received a Most Popular Actor award.

album cover for EXO's

Cumulative Sales For EXO's 'Exodus' Album Surge Over 700,000

Headlines 05.11.15 | 06:04AM EDT

EXO's latest album is the group's most popular release to date in addition to being the best-selling K-pop album of the year so far.

EXO's Lay

EXO's Lay Reportedly Rushed To The Hospital In China For Neck And Back Injury

Headlines 05.11.15 | 12:44AM EDT

Reports from Chinese website Weibo indicate that EXO's Lay was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a neck and back injury. The injury occurred during filming for "Go Fighting," a TV show in Shanghai, China on May 9.


EXO adorably fanchants with their own song!

Trendz 05.08.15 | 11:56PM EDT

EXO adorably fanchants with their own song!


EXO's Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg, And To Study?

Hot Issues 05.08.15 | 05:54PM EDT

Recent reports from Chinese media outlets document Tao landing in Los Angeles, apparently for treatment of his injured leg, but perhaps also to continue academic studies while on break from activities with EXO.


Trend Alert: Blue Leather Jackets

Fashion & Style 05.08.15 | 09:41AM EDT

Recently, blue leather jackets have been worn by the likes of Jung Il Woo, Song Jae Rim, Lee Kyu Han and EXO's D.O. Find out where to get the rockstar look for less!


EXO Member Tao Changes His Instagram Name From ‘EXO-TAO' To 'Z.TAO’

Buzz 05.07.15 | 12:50PM EDT

Amidst rising rumors that Tao will leave EXO, the singer changed his Instagram name from EXO-TAO to Z.Tao.

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