EXO Tao Lay

EXO Promises Successful Comeback, Despite Scheduling And Health Concerns Of Chinese Members

Hot Issues 03.30.15 | 07:34AM EDT

EXO's two Chinese members, Tao and Lay, each face conflicts prior to EXO's first "Call Me Baby" comeback stage.

MBLAQ Three-Member Group

Hot List Of K-Pop Artists Planning April Music Releases

Features 03.30.15 | 07:20AM EDT

April will see big comebacks from some of the biggest Korean acts, beginning in earnest on March 30, when both miss A and EXO release their first albums of 2015.

miss A Suzy

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Lee Min Ho & Suzy Couple Off, EXO Drops 'Call Me Baby', 2AM Members Leave JYP Entertainment

Headlines 03.29.15 | 09:56PM EDT

The past week saw a dating scandal, a highly anticipated comeback by an idol group, and two members of 2AM joining new companies.


From BTS To EXO, Weibo Accounts Become Popular Among K-Pop Stars Aiming For China

Features 03.28.15 | 12:22PM EDT

The recent trend of K-pop idols opening up Chinese social media accounts shows the importance of the Chinese market to the success of Hallyu stars.

EXO D.O. Pathcode Teaser Photo

EXO's D.O. Completes The 2015 Comeback 'Pathcode' Teasers With A Dizzying House Scene [VIDEO]

Headlines 03.28.15 | 12:09PM EDT

The final EXO 2015 comeback "Pathcode" teaser has been released, featuring member D.O. But it appears EXO-Ls still have some clue deciphering to do.

EXO Teasers Decoded?

EXO To Release 20 Different Versions Of Upcoming 'Exodus' Album

Headlines 03.27.15 | 10:39AM EDT

There will be Korean and Chinese language editions with different album covers featuring each of the 10 EXO members.

EXO Sehun Warns His Fans For The First And Last Time

Fans Speculate That EXO's 'Pathcode' Teasers Hint At Sehun Joining EXO-M

Headlines 03.27.15 | 09:53AM EDT

Could EXO-L be on to something?

EXO's Lay Pathcode photo

EXO's Lay Writes A Love Song In 2015 Comeback 'Pathcode' Teaser [VIDEO]

Headlines 03.26.15 | 09:06PM EDT

The latest member of EXO to reveal new photos and a "Pathcode" teaser is Lay who is featured in Yunnan, China.

EXO Baekhyun Instagram

EXO Fans Rejoice As Baekhyun Returns To Instagram

Buzz 03.26.15 | 09:56AM EDT

The idol says hello to EXO-L after a 40-week posting hiatus.

Baekhyun's teaser for EXO's return is also released

Trendz 03.25.15 | 10:32AM EDT

Baekhyun's teaser for EXO's return is also released


Chen is next for the EXO teaser video

Trendz 03.25.15 | 09:53AM EDT

Chen is next for the EXO teaser video

EXO Suho Pathcode Teaser

Korean Condom Brand's Twitter Admin Uses Wrong Account, Admits To Being EXO Fan

Headlines 03.25.15 | 09:36AM EDT

"I’m willing to sink and die, please rush towards me like water," the admin gushed after watching an official teaser for the boy band's upcoming return.

EXO's Chen

EXO's Chen Revisits 'Overdose' In 2015 Comeback 'Pathcode' Teaser [VIDEO]

Headlines 03.24.15 | 07:54PM EDT

SM Entertainment released another teaser today for EXO, this time featuring group member Chen in the city of Almaty. While there, Chen finds himself surrounded by text and books, specifically one with the title of the group's previous single, "Overdose." Fans can watch Chen's "Pathcode" teaser below.

Big Bang's G-Dragon

G-Dragon, Won Bin, EXO Members Highlighted As Representatives Of Ideal Korean Male Beauty Standards In Recent Buzzfeed Article

Headlines 03.23.15 | 11:32AM EDT

A Buzzfeed article discussing male beauty standards around the world picked the popular hallyu celebrities as the ideal Korean men.

Epik High

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: YG Entertainment Delays Big Bang, Psy Comebacks, SXSW Features K-Pop Icons, EXO's 'Exodus' Comeback Teases Fans

Features 03.22.15 | 02:32PM EDT

Revisit the top K-pop news stories of the week.

TVXQ's Max Changmin Attends a VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Cat Funeral'

In The Nick Of Time: TVXQ's Changmin Protects SHINee's Taemin And EXO's D.O At SMTOWN Concert In Taiwan

Hot Issues 03.22.15 | 11:26AM EDT

A stage prop descended while the two idols stood perilously beneath it.

EXO's Sehun Pathcode Teaser

EXO’s Sehun Finds Something Curious In 2015 Comeback ‘Pathcode’ Teaser [VIDEO]

Headlines 03.21.15 | 09:32PM EDT

Another EXO 2015 Comeback teaser has been released. The latest "Pathcode" teaser stars group member Sehun exploring the city of Edinburgh.

Chanyeol, Bora, and Onew

Chanyeol, Bora And Onew Named Hosts For 'Music Bank' Special Episode In Hanoi

Headlines 03.21.15 | 01:25PM EDT

EXO's Chanyeol, SISTAR's Bora, and SHINee's Onew will be the MC's for the March 28 special episode of 'Music Bank' in Hanoi, Vietnam.


SM Entertainment Releases EXO's Comeback Teaser Starring Chanyeol

Headlines 03.21.15 | 02:22AM EDT

Group EXO released their third teaser with Chanyeol, 'Pathcode #Chanyeol.'

EXO's Chanyeol

EXO's Chanyeol Walks The Wilderness Of Arizona In 2015 Comeback 'Pathcode' Teaser [VIDEO]

Headlines 03.20.15 | 03:40PM EDT

Another "Pathcode" teaser for EXO's 2015 comeback, this one featuring Chanyeol. EXO's rapper is depicted in the wilderness of Arizona.


EXO’s Twitter Page For Upcoming 2nd Album 'Exodus' Surpasses 140,000 Followers

Headlines 03.20.15 | 11:39AM EDT

EXO’s record label SM Entertainment has begun promoting the group's second album, “Exodus,” slated for release on March 30, with a popular Twitter page.

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