Latest Updates On G-Dragon And Sandara Park Dating Rumors

Latest Updates On G-Dragon And Sandara Park Dating Rumors

Hot Issues 03.30.17 | 09:47AM EDT

G-Dragon has denied the reports about him dating Sandara Park.

How G-Dragon's 'Kiss My Airs' Campaign Turned Out During Nike 2017 Air Max Day

How G-Dragon's 'Kiss My Airs' Campaign Turned Out During Nike 2017 Air Max Day

Hot Issues 03.27.17 | 09:07AM EDT

G-Dragon is once again taking the world by storm, not through music, but with his latest statement during the Nike 2017 Air Max Day.


BIGBANG's Taeyang Always Blames Himself Everytime They Fight With S/O Min Hyo Rin

Buzz 03.25.17 | 03:12AM EDT

BIGBANG's Taeyang reveals on "Radio Star" that he always blames himself whenever they fight with girlfriend Min Hyo Rin.

K-Pop Idols Bombarded With Racist Criticisms

G-Dragon And Sandara Alleged Breakup Due To Han Jae Suk

Hot Issues 03.24.17 | 04:06AM EDT

Rumors and speculations about G-Dragon and Sandara Park dating each other are still up and running. Now, Jan Jae Suk is said to be the cause of the alleged couple's breakup.


Kwanghee Claims 'I’m Not Going To Sing Anymore!' In Recent 'Radio Star' Episode, Find Out Why!

Hot Issues 03.24.17 | 04:05AM EDT

Kwanghee claims that he is not going to sing anymore in his recent guesting on the show 'Radio Star'


BIGBANG's G-Dragon Sucks In Dating, Reveals Co-Members On 'Radio Star'

Buzz 03.23.17 | 05:10AM EDT

Members of BIGBANG have revealed on MBC's "Radio Star" that G-Dragon sucks in dating.

G-Dragon And Sulli Dating Rumors Finally Debunked

G-Dragon And Sulli Dating Rumors Finally Debunked

Hot Issues 03.21.17 | 11:42AM EDT

Numerous reports and speculations are swirling around the internet saying that G-Dragon and Sulli are dating. Now, it has been finally debunked.

G-Dragon and Sulli

G-Dragon, Sulli Dating Update: YG Entertainment Reveals The Truth

Trending News 03.16.17 | 12:21PM EDT

Big Bang label YG Entertainment addresses rumors of G-Dragon's flings.

G-Dragon, Sulli

G-Dragon, Sulli Wearing Couple Item Lead Fans To Believe They Are In Special Relationship

Hot Issues 03.16.17 | 01:14PM EDT

Fans are suspicious about G-Dragon and Sulli might be more than just friends. The two idols were caught wearing the same ring that could be a couple item.

The Truth Behind G-Dragon And Taeyang Bromance

The Truth Behind G-Dragon And Taeyang Bromance

Hot Issues 03.14.17 | 06:00PM EDT

The Korean boy group, Big Bang has once again made it to the headlines as their members; G-Dragon and Taeyang are involved in a seeming bromance.

A Glimpse On How BIGBANG Spends Their Quality Time Together

A Glimpse On How BIGBANG Spends Their Quality Time Together

Hot Issues 03.14.17 | 06:00PM EDT

It remains a mystery as to how one of the most popular K-pop groups, Big Bang, gets to spend their time when they're alone and with each other's company.


Pewdiepie Is A Closet K-Pop Fan: Famous YouTuber Claims BIGBANG's G-Dragon Is His Favorite [WATCH]

Buzz 03.08.17 | 09:58PM EST

Pewdiepie revealed in a recent vlog that BIGBANG's G-Dragon is his favorite K-pop idol.

The Truth Behind Sandara Park And G-Dragon Dating Unveiled

The Truth Behind Sandara Park And G-Dragon Dating Unveiled

Hot Issues 03.07.17 | 04:20AM EST

Sandara Park and G-Dragon has long been under the speculation that they are in a relationship. Now, the truth has been finally unveiled.


#DaraGon is Real: Here's Why Fans Won't Give Up Hope On Sandara Park, G-Dragon Dating

Headlines 03.02.17 | 10:08AM EST

It's a given that Sandara Park and G-Dragon share a close friendship but dating rumors just won't die between these two K-pop superstars. Why won't shippers give up on the #DaraGon ship despite the numerous denials?

G-Dragon Instagram

G-Dragon Gets 13 Million Followers On Instagram; K-pop idols Chanyeol, Taeyeon Reach New Milestones!

Headlines 03.02.17 | 03:16AM EST

G-Dragon is now being followed on Instagram by 13 million people while Chanyeol reaches 10 million followers, Girls' Generation Taeyeon also hits the 9 million mark in the wake of the release of her solo album My Voice.


G-Dragon’s $3.3 million USD Artwork, Including Other Jaw-dropping Pieces Revealed!

Trending News 03.01.17 | 07:31AM EST

The “Millionaire Nurse” by Richard Prince shown hanging above G-Dragon's head in his shared picture, has been revealed to have been sold for $3,301,000 USD.

Sandara Park W Magazine

2NE1's Sandara Park To Share Beauty Secrets On W Korea Feature

Headlines 03.01.17 | 07:30AM EST

Sandara Park will be among the top celebrities who will share their beauty secrets to their fans in W Korea's upcoming issue.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park Shows Different Beauty Looks On Instagram, G-Dragon To Guest On Get It Beauty?

Headlines 02.27.17 | 01:56PM EST

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park shares different looks on Instagram and shines in each and every one. Fans hope newest Get It Beauty look can get rumored boyfriend G-Dragon to appear on the show.

G-Dragon congratulatory message to MC Dara for

Daragon Rumor Comes Up Again and Fans Predict Both Will Reunite on 'Get It Beauty 2017'

Headlines 02.22.17 | 10:10PM EST

Sandra Park and G-Dragon has previously been on dating rumor. The rumor was then denied by Sandra and YG Entertainment. Yet, the rumor comes up again because fans predict GD will reunite with Sandra Park on "Get It Beauty 2017."

Sandara Park, G-Dragon

Sandara Park, G-Dragon Dating: Former 2NE1 Member Changed Her Makeup Style Because The BIGBANG Member Teased Her?

Trending News 02.21.17 | 02:46AM EST

Sandara Park debut as one of the panelists in "Get It Beauty 2017". During the program, she revealed that G-Dragon is the reason why she changed her make-up style.

Sandara Park

OnStyle 'Get It Beauty 2017: Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Honey Lee, Sandara Park, & Lee Se Young Set To MC!

Trending News 02.18.17 | 10:35PM EST

OnStyle’s 'Get It Beauty 2017' has a final set of MC. This includes Kim Sejeong, Honey Lee, Sandara Park, and Lee Se Young.

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