K-Pop Covers: J-REYEZ And Joseph Vincent Reimagine The Lyrics Of G-Dragon And T.O.P's 'Baby Goodnight' [VIDEO]

Reviews 04.23.14 | 03:53PM EDT

It's not easy to take a song sung by two of the most popular K-pop stars in Korea and cover it in English

Entertainment Industry In Mourning, ‘Sorry That All We Can Do Is Pray’

Headlines 04.19.14 | 04:44AM EDT

The capsized ferry tragedy that occurred on the 16th has left the nation of South Korea in a time of deep mourning.

G-Dragon, On Sinking Ferry Incident "#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA"

Buzz 04.18.14 | 02:13AM EDT

G-Dragon sent condolences to those in the sinking ferry.

2, 3, 4 Songs… Why Does YG Release Multiple Title Songs?

Features 04.17.14 | 08:53AM EDT

2NE1 had 2, Akdong Musician had 3, and G-Dragon had 4 title songs.

Big Bang G-Dragon And Taeyang To Release Paris Photobook In Korea-Japan-China

Features 04.16.14 | 09:08AM EDT

Group Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang will be releasing their Paris phonebook in Korea, China and Japan.

2NE1 Dara-G-Dragon, Picture At YG Family Concert

Buzz 04.16.14 | 07:58AM EDT

2NE1's member Dara and Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed a picture together.

Celebrity Spotlight Interview: Actress/Host Christine Lee Talks About Her Life, Career And Affinity For YG Artists [Exclusive]

Interviews 04.13.14 | 07:28PM EDT

Celebrity Spotlight Interview: Actress/Host Christine Lee

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of March 31 - April 6)

Headlines 04.07.14 | 09:31AM EDT

Here are the top news stories that showed up for the week of March 31 - April 6, 2014.

Noh Hong Chul reveals he saw 'GD Partying With a French girl'

Stars on TV / Movies 03.30.14 | 11:57PM EDT

What exactly did Noh Hong Chul see? Why did he go and meet GD?

Orange Caramel Lizzy, Scandal "He Is Out Of My League, It's Not Possible" Who Is It?

Stars on TV / Movies 03.29.14 | 10:44PM EDT

Orange Caramel's member Lizzy explained the dating scandal she was involved in.

Big Bang G-Dragon, Big Smile With Seungri "Happiness"

Buzz 03.29.14 | 04:21AM EDT

Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed a picture taken with member Seungri.

G-Dragon Cheers JYP Visual Director Seo Woo Tak “Friendship Beyond Company”

Headlines 03.28.14 | 10:10PM EDT

Big Bang's G-Dragon cheered Seo Woo Tak, participant of StoryOn's "Art Star Korea".

DJ Skrillex's New Album Featuring G-Dragon And CL Ranks 4th On U.S. Billboard Chart

Headlines 03.28.14 | 05:01AM EDT

DJ Skrillex's new album featuring Big Bang G-Dragon and 2NE1 CL was seen at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

Big Bang G-Dragon Awarded 'Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist' Award At China QQ Music Awards

Headlines 03.28.14 | 05:01AM EDT

Big Bang leader G-Dragon was awarded the 'Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist' at the China QQ Music Awards.

Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' Becomes First Video By A Male K-Pop Group To Surpass 100 Million Views YG Claims

Headlines 03.27.14 | 04:29PM EDT

On Thursday, YG Entertainment, the record label for Big Bang, announced that the group had become "the first Korean boy group to record more than 100 million views for their music video on YouTube."

Male Stars Who Rock Nail Art

Features 03.26.14 | 02:33AM EDT

Male Stars Who Rock Nail Art

8 Hipster K-Pop Stars We All Love

Features 03.24.14 | 04:11AM EDT

8 Hipster K-pop Stars We All Love

G-Dragon Asks Tablo, "Why Is Haru So Cute?"

Stars on TV / Movies 03.23.14 | 12:30AM EDT

Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed his love for Tablo's daughter Haru.

Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2NE1's CL Get Featured On Skrillex's 'Dirty Vibe' And Prove That Their Rapping Skills Go Beyond Idoldom

Reviews 03.22.14 | 05:32PM EDT

K-Pop rap is completely different from traditional rap, and often is criticized for being too soft. G-Dragon and CL prove that they're anything but soft in 'Dirty Vibe.'

G-Dragon&Taeyang Leaving for Sanghai, China attend Arirang TV - March 22, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 03.22.14 | 05:31PM EDT

G-Dragon&Taeyang Leaving for Sanghai, China attend Arirang TV - March 22, 2014 [PHOTOS]

10 Fabulous Things G-Dragon Owns

Features 03.22.14 | 05:28AM EDT

10 Fabulous Things G-Dragon Owns

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