GD X Taeyang To Release 'Good Boy' Special Edition Including New Photo Book

Headlines 11.26.14 | 09:05AM EST

G-Dragon and Taeyang prepare to release a follow-up special edition of their hit track 'Good Boy' along with a brand new photo book.

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] Super Junior's Kyuhyun, AOA, Apink, And More; Who Ranks #1 For The Fourth Week Of November?

Headlines 11.26.14 | 07:20AM EST

Your weekly top ten countdown - who ranks on our chart for the fourth week of November?

G-Dragon Gives Witty Response To Question About His Relationship With Japanese Model Mizuhara Kiko, 'I'll Text You Later'

Headlines 11.26.14 | 01:40AM EST

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon was asked about his scandal with the model Mizuhara Kiko.

Big Bang Side Project GD X Taeyang Reveal Behind The Scenes Footage From Their 'Good Boy' Music Video

Headlines 11.25.14 | 12:39PM EST

Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang have released their behind the scenes footage from their "Good Boy" music video.

G-Dragon Confirms Big Bang Comeback Album Will Be Delayed Until 2015

Headlines 11.25.14 | 11:33AM EST

After months of waiting, speculation that Big Bang would not be making a comeback until 2015 was confirmed by the group's leader.

Seven K-Pop Videos That Should Have Gone Viral But Didn't

Features 11.25.14 | 08:31AM EST

Tell your friends to stop watching China's viral hit ‘Chick Chick’ and check out these weird and catchy K-Pop music videos instead.

G-Dragon and Taeyang releases 'Good Boy' MV making-of video

Trendz 11.25.14 | 07:31AM EST

G-Dragon and Taeyang releases 'Good Boy' MV making-of video

Big Bang Side Project GD x Taeyang Surpass 5 Million YouTube Views With 'Good Boy' Music Video

Trendz 11.24.14 | 12:04PM EST

G-Dragon and Taeyang have to come together to become GDXTAEYANG and have released a new music video titled "Good Boy" which has received over 5 million hits just 4 days after its release online.

Confessions Of A Big Bang Fangirl

Features 11.23.14 | 11:38AM EST

Four secrets about Big Bang shared by a group of V.I.P's.

GD X TAEYANG, 'Good Boy' Rank 1 On Music Charts

Headlines 11.23.14 | 04:53AM EST

Group Big Bang's members G-Dragon and Taeyang's unit single "Good Boy" ranked 1st on music charts.

MAMA 2014: Big Bang Members G-Dragon, Taeyang Confirmed For Special Performance At MAMA

Headlines 11.22.14 | 01:55PM EST

GD X Taeyang will deliver their debut performance as a sub unit at the Mnet Asian Music Awards next month.

G-Dragon & Taeyang's 'Good Boy' Jumps Past 2 Million Views In Less Than 24 Hours

Headlines 11.22.14 | 12:24PM EST

G-Dragon and Taeyang's "Good Boy" music video reached over 2 million views in just one day and in just over 48 hours has almost reached 4 million.

Big Bang's Seungri Returns To Instagram As G-Dragon And Taeyang Unleash 'Good Boy' Single

Hot Issues 11.21.14 | 02:14PM EST

After a three-month hiatus, Big Bang's youngest member Seungri has returned to social media for the first time since his car accident.

G-Dragon & Taeyang Kick Off YG Hip-Hop Project With The Release Of 'Good Boy' Collaboration

Headlines 11.20.14 | 12:31PM EST

GD and Taeyang are an instant hit mere hours after releasing their latest collaborative single "Good Boy" as part of their label's hip-hop project.

Review: Why We Won't Turn Down GD X Taeyang's 'Good Boy' For Anything [VIDEO]

Reviews 11.20.14 | 11:03AM EST

G-Dragon and Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ could be one of the hottest K-Pop party anthems of 2014.

Five Times G-Dragon & Taeyang Were Awesome Together

Features 11.20.14 | 07:16AM EST

Taeyang and G-Dragon are ready to prove they can each be a ‘Good Boy’ even though fans loved when they wanted to be seen as the ‘Bad Boy.’

YG Entertainment Reveals Details For G-Dragon & Taeyang Collaboration 'Good Boy' [UPDATE]

Headlines 11.19.14 | 01:53PM EST

Two new teaser images name G-Dragon as the mastermind behind the YG HIPHOP Project #1.

MAMA 2014 Plans Another 'Kissing Concept' Collaboration This Year

Headlines 11.18.14 | 07:45AM EST

Known for dynamic collaboration stages, the producers of the Mnet Asian Music Awards are saying another kissing concept is in the works for this year.

Music Video Featuring G-Dragon And Taeyang Confirmed By YG Entertainment Teaser [PHOTO]

Headlines 11.17.14 | 01:31PM EST

As YG Entertainment prepares fans for another unit project, it appears the music video set photos featuring G-Dragon and Taeyang are in fact legitimate.

What We Know About The Upcoming YG Hip-Hop Project: G-Dragon & Taeyang [UPDATE]

Features 11.17.14 | 01:02PM EST

It's time to separate the facts from the rumors surrounding YG Entertainment's newest collaboration project.

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of November 10 - November 16, 2014)

Headlines 11.17.14 | 01:06AM EST

K-Pop that appeared on US news media for the week of November 10 - November 16, 2014.

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