Gag Concert

Shin Bora Wants To Star In A Musical

Trendz 09.08.14 | 04:26AM EDT

"Gourmet Road" guested Shin Bora and reveal that she wanted to star in a musical

Shin Bora Expresses Her Desire To Star In A Musical "I Was Charmed By JYJ Junsu"

Interviews 09.08.14 | 01:36AM EDT

Comedian Shin Bora wants to star on a musical

'Gag Concert' Returns As King Of Sunday Shows

Stars on TV / Movies 09.02.14 | 08:35AM EDT

KBS 2TV "Gag Concert" returned as the king of Sunday shows.

JYJ Jaejoong, Caught On Camera In Audience Of 'Gag Concert' "Back On Air!"

Stars on TV / Movies 08.25.14 | 05:34AM EDT

JYJ's member Jaejoong was seen in the audience of "Gag Concert".

'Gag Concert', Resuming After 6 Weeks

Stars on TV / Movies 05.22.14 | 09:43AM EDT

KBS 2TV "Gag Concert" will be resuming after 6 weeks of break.

KBS Variety Shows Continue Delays This Week Due To Sewol Ferry Tragedy

Stars on TV / Movies 04.24.14 | 09:17PM EDT

Due to the ferry tragedy, all KBS variety shows will be preempted this week.

‘GAG Concert’ Recording Canceled Due To Tragedy

Stars on TV / Movies 04.22.14 | 04:22AM EDT

The "GAG Concert" recording has been cancelled.

Kim Ji Min Can Pass For A Petite Model

Buzz 01.29.14 | 05:49AM EST

Comedian Kim Ji Min revealed a model pose photo of herself, despite her short height.

TVXQ Appears On Gag Concert!

Stars on TV / Movies 01.18.14 | 05:09AM EST

Male idol group TVXQ will be appearing as guests on KBS 2TV's "Gag Concert" in the "Dance Talk" corner.

Tiny G Dohee On 'Gag Concert' "I Was Nervous But It Was Fun"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.06.14 | 09:55AM EST

Tiny G's member Dohee revealed how she felt about going out on 'Gag Concert.'

Joo Won, Picture With Cast of 'Gag Concert'

Buzz 12.02.13 | 10:21AM EST

Gag woman An So Mi revealed a picture with actor Joo Won from 'Gag Concert.'

Shin Bora's Naked Face Revealed, "Prettier Than Kim Young Hee With Makeup"

Stars on TV / Movies 07.15.13 | 12:41AM EDT

Gagwoman Shin Bora's naked face was revealed.

'Gag Concert' Tinkerbell Kim Joon Hyun almost Kissed by T-ARA? 'My Wife Is Watching'

Stars on TV / Movies 05.13.13 | 02:42PM EDT

Kim Joon Hyun failed at receiving kisses from T-ara members.

'Gag Concert' HyunA-Huh Gayoon, 'Sexy+Cute Overload'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.29.13 | 08:04AM EDT

Girl group 4minute's HyunA and Huh Gayoon showed off their sexiness and cuteness at the same time on "Gag Concert."

K.Will Confesses, "I was Casted 2 Hours Before Filming"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.08.13 | 07:48AM EDT

K.Will was humiliated in "Gag Concert."

Comedians Kim Ki Ri and Shin Bora Reveal their Relationship, 'Thanks for your Support'

Hot Issues 04.02.13 | 09:12AM EDT

Comedians Kim Ki Ri and Shin Bora revealed today that they were officially dating.

G.Na Reveals Picture Taken With 'Gag Concert' Cast... "Kim Gi Ree, Stop Staring at G.Na"

Buzz 04.01.13 | 02:01AM EDT

Singer G.Na revealed a picture taken with the cast of "Gag Concert."

'Gag Concert' SHINee Members Fight For Shin Bora?

Stars on TV / Movies 03.10.13 | 06:06PM EDT

SHINee came out in KBS2 "Gag Concert" aired today and revealed their entertainment skills.

CNBUE's Guest Appearance on 'Gag Concert' Recording on January 23

Stars on TV / Movies 01.21.13 | 02:47PM EST

Rock band CNBLUE is to make an appearance on KBS "Gag Concert."

'Gag Concert' Yoona, Turns Into a Flower Homeless

Stars on TV / Movies 01.14.13 | 03:34AM EST

Girl group Girls' Generation (SNSD)'s Yoona came out in KBS 2TV "Gag Concert" and turned into a girl pretty homeless.

miss A Min, Picture With Kim Jun Hyun "miss A's 5th Member?"

Buzz 10.30.12 | 05:29AM EDT

Girl group miss A's member Min revealed a picture taken with gagman Kim Jun Hyun.

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