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Jung Yong Hwa's Ideal Girl Kim Yeon Ah, "I'm Watching You" Video Message

Stars on TV / Movies 12.16.12 | 06:15AM EST

Group CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa chose Kim Yeon Ah as his ideal girl type.

'GO Show' Lee Jung Shin "I Suffered From Gay Rumors Since Debut"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.16.12 | 06:10AM EST

CNBLUE's Lee Jung Shin opened his mouth about gay rumors.

CNBLUE, Coming Out in 'GO Show'... First Group Guest After Big Bang

Stars on TV / Movies 12.09.12 | 04:18AM EST

Group CNBLUE will be coming out in SBS talk show 'GO Show.'

Kwanghee, "Knee-Cap Guru Kang Ho Dong is Harder Than Law of the Jungle"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.09.12 | 04:12AM EST

Kwanghee talked about an incident that happened with Kang Ho Dong.

'Go Show' IU's Response to Public Dating

Reviews 11.04.12 | 12:37PM EST

Singer IU expressed her thoughts on revealing her dating life to the public.

Gain Vs. IU, Competition for Number 1 Spot in Agency

Headlines 11.02.12 | 02:19PM EDT

Singers Gain and IU compete against each other for the number 1 spot in their agency.

IU Speaks Up about Dating, "Even Though I have a Busy Schedule...There's Still Time to Date"

Stars on TV / Movies 11.01.12 | 10:46AM EDT

IU speaks up about dating openly.

2AM Jinwoon 'Ladies Man among Female Idols'

Reviews 10.07.12 | 10:19AM EDT

Jeong Jin Woon of 2AM cleared up a misunderstanding.

Go Hyunjung, 'I Have Five Bathrooms'

Stars on TV / Movies 10.06.12 | 03:39PM EDT

Go Hyunjung grabbed attention by saying that she has five bathrooms in her apartment.

Jung Hyung Don Reveals about 2AM Jinwoon’s House

Stars on TV / Movies 10.05.12 | 07:15PM EDT

Jung Hyung Don explains about Jinwoon's house.

Go Hyunjung 'You Can Practice Kiss Scenes with Lips'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.29.12 | 03:37PM EDT

Go Hyunjung talked about the pain of shooting a kiss scene.

'GO Show' MBLAQ G.O., "I Showed My Chest Hair and People Called Me 'Dirty'"

Interviews 09.10.12 | 02:50AM EDT

Group MBLAQ's G.O. revealed an incident regarding his chest hair.

Jung Eunji Says Seo In Guk is Way Different in Real Life

Stars on TV / Movies 09.09.12 | 03:46PM EDT

A Pink Jung Eunji explained the scandal with the singer Seo In Guk.

Seo In Guk Sings 'I'm Your's' For Jung Eunji

Headlines 09.06.12 | 11:02PM EDT

Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji's shooting behind the scene footages was released.

Daniel Choi Shamed, "I'm the Same Age as Kim Hyun Joong and BoA"

Stars on TV / Movies 09.01.12 | 01:29AM EDT

Actor Daniel Choi was shamed by his extremely mature appearances, bringing laughter to the viewers.

Daniel Choi, "I Followed Around a Taken Girl For 6 Months and Succeeded"

Interviews 09.01.12 | 01:11AM EDT

Actor Daniel Choi revealed his passionate love story.

Psy's Parody of Female Singers, "He's Done It All"

Interviews 07.29.12 | 07:50PM EDT

Psy heats up the studio with his parody of female singers.

Singer Psy's Former Agency Had A Discussion About His Looks?

Stars on TV / Movies 07.28.12 | 01:18PM EDT

Singer Psy revealed that his former agency held a discussion regarding his looks

Psy's Concert Sold Out? 'It's Because Rumor Spread Out...'

Stars on TV / Movies 07.27.12 | 04:55PM EDT

Psy revealed the behind-the-scene story behind his sold out concert.

JYP Asks Jo Kwon for Counseling, "Is My Face Like a Monster?"

Stars on TV / Movies 06.22.12 | 08:21PM EDT

Jo Kwon talks of the incident when he became JYP's 'counselor.'

2AM's Jo Kwon, "Hopeless at Romance and No Dating Experience"

Interviews 06.22.12 | 08:11PM EDT

Jo Kwon confessed that he doesn't have any dating experience.

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