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K-Drama Ratings: "Empress Ki" Is As Strong As Its Main Character

04.16.14 | 01:51PM EDT

"Empress KI" is neatly tying up its plot lines as it heads toward the coronation.

What To Do When "Empress Ki" Ends

04.16.14 | 11:24AM EDT

With only two more weeks of episodes to come, it may be time to plan for your k-drama epic withdrawal.

Who Was "Empress Ki's" Tal Tal In History?

04.15.14 | 10:47AM EDT

The real Tal Tal became a wise and unselfish regent.

"Doctor Stranger" Delayed Due To The Unbeatable "Empress Ki"

04.10.14 | 02:13PM EDT

Rather than have its first episodes compete with the finale of "Empress Ki," the drama's start date will be postponed.

The Anxiety-Provoking Plot Twists Of "Empress Ki" Still Generate Top Ratings

04.09.14 | 12:55PM EDT

Court intrigues and cross plotting continue as this 50-episode drama heads toward resolution.

Ha Ji Won, Self-Camera In Naked Face With A Stuffed Animal

Buzz 04.04.14 | 02:46AM EDT

Actress Ha Ji Won revealed a self-camera photo taken with a stuffed animal.

"Empress Ki" Slips Slightly But Holds Its Lead

Buzz 04.02.14 | 02:38PM EDT

As the drama winds down it seems less likely that it will reach 30 percent.

Why Hyun Bin Firmed Up His Muscles For His New Film

Buzz 04.02.14 | 11:10AM EDT

A single line in the script for "The King's Wrath" inspired an intense workout effort.

Understanding K-Drama: Mahjong

Buzz 03.31.14 | 03:29PM EDT

The game of skill was featured in three different k-dramas recently.

Ha Ji Won, Picture With A Bouquet Of Flowers "Spring Is Here!"

Buzz 03.28.14 | 12:22AM EDT

Actress Ha Ji Won revealed a picture with a bouquet of flowers.

“God’s Gift – 14 Days” Breaks 10 Percent And “Empress Ki” Is Extended

Buzz 03.26.14 | 09:39AM EDT

Viewers are rooting for Lee Bo Young's character to escape her nightmarish scenario.

"Empress Ki" Acquires Another Evil Empress

Buzz 03.21.14 | 02:44PM EDT

Lim Joo Eun's character seems all smiles and sweetness but she's rotten to the core.

"Full Sun" Rises, "Empress Ki" Rules

Buzz 03.19.14 | 10:15AM EDT

"Full Sun" rose in the ratings this week but the order of the dramas remained the same.

After "Empress Ki" Baek Jin Hee Will Master "The Rules of the City"

Buzz 03.17.14 | 01:12PM EDT

Baek Jin Hee said goodbye to her evil character and looks forward to her new role.

Best Kisses So Far In 2014?

Buzz 03.14.14 | 11:33AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun and Jin Ji Hyun may win the prize as his character risked his health to kiss hers.

'Empress Ki' Ha Ji Won, Jogging In the Morning?

Buzz 03.14.14 | 03:09AM EDT

Ha Ji Won revealed a self-camera photo while jogging.

Three Things To Love About Ji Chang Wook’s Emperor Ta Hwan

Buzz 03.13.14 | 11:28AM EDT

His romantic character delivers the kind of lines designed to melt the most jaded heart.

Five Fun Facts About Jin Yi Han

Buzz 03.13.14 | 10:30AM EDT

Jin Yi Han started in musicals, learned to drink with Kim Jaejoong and is a game changer in "Empress Ki."

Ratings Rise For "Empress Ki" With The Death Of A Villain

Buzz 03.12.14 | 10:45AM EDT

Jeon Gook Hwan created a masterful villain that viewers loved to hate.

K-Drama Characters That Swap Identities Or Even Bodies

Buzz 03.11.14 | 02:01PM EDT

"Bride of the Century" is the latest k-drama to use the "Prince and the Pauper" plot to evoke laughs and tears.

Lim Joo Eun Goes From "The Heirs" To "Empress Ki"

Stars on TV / Movies 03.06.14 | 12:20PM EST

The actress will play a pivotal role in Empress Ki.

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