Why Do K-Pop Groups Have So Many Members?

Features 09.24.14 | 06:55AM EDT

Sure there are soloists and smaller groups, but the Korean music industry has more than its share of excessively large bands, sometimes toppling over a dozen members. Here's a breakdown of the successes and failures of having large K-Pop groups.

K-Pop Training Systems Gain Global Popularity

Features 09.09.14 | 04:24AM EDT

With the increasing popularity of Hallyu, Korea's idol group training system has become a role model for overseas entertainment agencies.

Top 5 K-Pop Idol Sub-Units

Features 09.06.14 | 01:39PM EDT

Nothing better than having a group comprised of members from our already favorite groups!

TOP10 2014 Sexiest Male K-pop Idol

Trendz 08.19.14 | 02:03PM EDT

You will drop your jaw with this 10 most hottest and sexiest K-Pop male idol of 2014. Fall inlove with them as you watch them in this video. Enjoy and don't forget to blink your eyes after.

Rookie Idol Group HALO Receives Love Calls From Japan Agencies Right After Debut

Trendz 07.11.14 | 10:53AM EDT

Rookie idol group HALO has been gaining much attention since their debut.

5 Girls' Generation Members Have Confirmed Relationships This Year

Hot Issues 06.19.14 | 07:19AM EDT

With the news of Taeyeon dating EXO's Baekhyun, a look at the relationship's of Girl's Generation.

K-Pop Surpasses The Hallyu And Becomes A Culture Enjoyed All Over The World

Hot Issues 04.21.14 | 08:23AM EDT

K-Pop and the hallyu has surpassed Korea and has become popular all around the world.

Jackie Chan's Idol Group JJCC Hope To Be Global Idols Like Shinhwa-2NE1

Hot Issues 04.17.14 | 11:48AM EDT

Jackie Chan's K-Pop idol group, JJCC,features 5 members both Korean and Chinese members.

[Breaking News] Girls' Generation Tiffany and 2PM Nichkhun Revealed To Be Dating For 4 Months!

Hot Issues 04.03.14 | 09:34PM EDT

The first top idol star couple has been revealed today.

Why Did SECRET-MBLAQ Choose To Sign With Smaller Japan Agencies?

Hot Issues 02.19.14 | 10:06AM EST

Idol groups SECRET and MBLAQ who have decided to make a comeback in Japan, have denied offers from big Japan agencies and has gained many people's attention.

Group 2PM Becomes First K-Pop Group To Be Cover Models For Japan 'CanCam' Magazine

Hot Issues 01.20.14 | 07:20AM EST

Group 2PM has been gaining much attention for being the first K-pop group to grace the cover of Japan 'CanCam' magazine.

Korean-Chinese Group TimeZ Announces Comeback through Teaser Videos

Headlines 11.18.13 | 09:48AM EST

Multi-national group, TimeZ, released teaser videos online to announce their upcoming comeback this month.

Insta K-pop: Your Idol's Posted Instagram Photos from Sept 15-21

Headlines 09.23.13 | 01:08AM EDT

An update on what's happening on your favorite KPOP idols on their Instagram account

Is There a Balance between 'Looks VS Talent' in K-Pop?

Headlines 08.08.13 | 09:13AM EDT

There are about 3 major media companies that are well-known in South Korea, the trinity league: SM Entertainment, JYP, and YG.

Female Singers, 'Is it the Answer To Take Off More Clothes?'

Headlines 07.10.13 | 09:14AM EDT

It's not a strip show, but the reality of K-pop. Why do they reveal so much? Even though it may not be for a sexy image or for a drastic change, they take off clothes to stand out.

Why Do Idols Leave Their Groups? 'Reasons for Leaving'

Headlines 06.18.13 | 07:31AM EDT

Being that idol groups have anywhere from three to as many as over ten members, constant replacement of members is often unavoidable. Let us look at the most typical reasons that result in quitting the team.

K-Pop Idols Shake Up Taiwan at Mnet 'M! Countdown-Ni Hao Taiwan'

Headlines 04.26.13 | 03:26PM EDT

Cable channel Mnet held their first global tour, 'M Countdown-Ni Haeo Taiwan' and melted the hearts of fans.

K-Pop Idols Come Together to Attend 'Dream Concert 2013' on May 11

Headlines 04.24.13 | 03:25PM EDT

Many K-Pop idol groups will be coming together to perform at the 'Dream Concert' next month.

Back Against the Wall, K-Pop Artists Have One Last Shot

Headlines 04.11.13 | 03:36PM EDT

With most of K-Pop's extra bubble burst, the entertainment business is on its heels.

Rookie Idol Groups Speak Up, 'We Want to be Known'

Headlines 04.11.13 | 07:36AM EDT

"Our goal this year is let people know who we are as a team. Then, we will worry about getting our individual names out."

K-Pop Artists to Come Together for Biggest K-Pop Concert in Chile on May 19

Headlines 04.04.13 | 01:48PM EDT

The Hallyu wave has taken its place in Chile as more and more fans of K-Pop are appearing.

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