17 Stars With the Cutest and Sexiest Winks

Features 04.23.14 | 08:42AM EDT

17 Stars With the Cutest and Sexiest Winks

Rookies & Idols Collaborate - The Way To Being Number 1?

Features 04.23.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Singers' joint projects and collaborations are establishing a new type of strategy.

IU and High4 Takes Three Music Charts, Becoming This Year's Spring Song

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:42AM EDT

Rookie group High4 took three music charts with their new track "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms", featuring IU.

Music Charts on Hold for a Week as Ferry Sinking Devastates Nation

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:02AM EDT

After the sinking of the ferry on April 16, music charts have come to a stop, with the TOP 10 songs keeping their respective places on charts for a week.

IU To Delay Concert Ticket Sales Due To Ferry Tragedy

Headlines 04.17.14 | 03:09PM EDT

Singer IU, who was to begin ticket sales for her concert on April 17, has delayed it due to the ferry tragedy.

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] A Pink, 15&, Akdong Musician, And More; Who Ranks #1 This Week?

Headlines 04.17.14 | 01:08AM EDT

Who ranks number one on our chart for the week of April 14, 2014? Your top ten artists for the week.

Seven Ways K-Drama Stars Are Like The Rest Of Us

Headlines 04.16.14 | 10:20AM EDT

It's easy to imagine celebrities glide through life in designer clothes and without any woes, but that's not the case.

IU, "I Confessed Last Year To Someone I Liked... I Will Not Say What The Result Was"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.16.14 | 07:58AM EDT

Singer IU revealed that she confessed to the guy she likes last year.

Which Idols Made The Best Transition To Acting Roles?

Stars on TV / Movies 04.15.14 | 03:48PM EDT

Making the transition from singing to acting is not always an easy one.

K-Pop Mixtape: Sunny Springtime Songs

Features 04.14.14 | 08:34AM EDT

Celebrate spring with these upbeat and fun K-Pop songs

Big Band Sound: TVXQ, Eric Nam, History, IU

Reviews 04.13.14 | 05:36PM EDT

Several K-Pop acts have infused their music with 1930's sounds in order to create unique sounds that stand out.

IU Reveals Why A Recent Trip To The Doctor Caused Her To Change Her Lifestyle, In Open Letter To Fans

Headlines 04.11.14 | 08:08PM EDT

in an open letter to fans, posted to her website on Friday, IU described how a recent visit to her physician caused her to rethink her daily habits.

HIGH4 "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" Successful Thanks to IU

Headlines 04.11.14 | 03:49AM EDT

New boy group HIGH4 is making a lasting impression through their single "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms".

Female Idols Who Still Look Good Without Makeup

Features 04.09.14 | 03:07AM EDT

These stars still look just as beautiful with or without makeup.

IU To Dance With Rookie Idols HIGH4 For Debut Music Video 'Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms'

Headlines 03.30.14 | 11:20PM EDT

Showing unyielding support for the rookies, IU helped write and produce their debut track and will be appearing in the music video

IU's Love For High4 'Text Message Conversation Revealed'

Buzz 03.28.14 | 10:55PM EDT

Singer IU revealed her support for the new group High4 that will be debuting on April 8.

Singer IU Reveals Handwritten Lyrics Written For Rookie Group High4's Debut Song

Headlines 03.26.14 | 04:10AM EDT

Singer IU revealed her handwritten lyrics for rookie group, High4's debut song.

IU Leaving for Fan Meeting in Hong Kong - March 22, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 03.22.14 | 05:34PM EDT

IU Leaving for Fan Meeting in Hong Kong - March 22, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Who Is Kim Soo Hyun's Ideal Type?

Airport Fashion 03.17.14 | 11:23AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun has made some puzzling statements about his love life but he is known to have a wicked sense of humor.

IU Shared Her Opinion About Her Title As The 'Nation's Little Sister'

Interviews 03.16.14 | 09:33AM EDT


K-Pop's Duet-Dominated Music Market

Features 03.14.14 | 11:25AM EDT

The K-Pop music charts are being taken over by duos and there are more on their way soon

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