Jang Jane

Jang Jane, 'Sexy And Chic' Look

Buzz 11.15.14 | 03:38AM EST

Singer Jang Jane revealed a completely different side of herself.

Jang Jane, Comes Back As 'Chic Beautiful Lady'

Buzz 10.21.14 | 03:10AM EDT

Singer Jang Jane revealed her chic fashion style.

Jang Jane, The Chic Beauty In Sunglasses

Buzz 10.17.14 | 02:01AM EDT

Singer Jang Jane revealed her increased beauty.

Jang Jane, Sexy Red Lips? Self-Camera Photo

Buzz 01.27.14 | 10:08AM EST

Singer Jang Jane revealed a self-camera photo with red lipstick on.

Jang Jane, Updates Fans With a Picture

Buzz 12.12.13 | 12:59AM EST

Singer Jang Jane revealed herself much brighter than before.

Superstar K's Jang Jane Joins Yoon Jong Shin's Entertainment Company, Mystic89

Headlines 12.04.13 | 02:02PM EST

Singer songwriter Jang Jane is joining Yoon Jong Shin at his entertainment company.

Kpop Solo Singer Jang Jane, Birthday Picture 'Healthy Smile'

Buzz 06.08.13 | 04:46AM EDT

Singer Jang Jane updated her fans.

Singer Jang Jane Released From Hospital 'I Feel Good!'

Buzz 05.25.13 | 09:45PM EDT

Singer Jang Jane, who was recently admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with abnormalities in her peripheral nervous system, let the fans know that she has been discharged.

Jang Jane Got Prettier After Becoming an MC?

Stars on TV / Movies 02.08.13 | 04:44AM EST

Singer Jang Jane revealed her increased beauty.

Jang Jane Reveals 'Doll Body'

Buzz 01.30.13 | 05:03AM EST

Singer Jang Jane revealed her doll-like body.

Jang Jane, Before Cutting Her Hair

Buzz 01.20.13 | 06:38PM EST

Singer Jang Jane revealed pictures before she cut her hair.

Jang Jane Updates Her Fans With a Picture That Shows Off Her Skinny Body

Buzz 01.12.13 | 02:52AM EST

Singer Jang Jane updated her fans with a photo.

Jang Jane to Return from U.S. on November 3 after Being Held Over by Hurricane Sandy

Buzz 11.01.12 | 11:48AM EDT

Singer Jang Jane was stuck in New York due to hurricane Sandy.

Psy-Kim Bum Soo-Jang Jane is Stopped by Hurricane Sandy

Hot Issues 10.31.12 | 03:02PM EDT

Due to the unexpected hurricane Sandy, stars' schedules have been delayed.

Jang Jane, "New Song 'Summer Night,' I Thought About My Church Oppa While Writing It"

Headlines 09.01.12 | 03:32AM EDT

Singer Jang Jane revealed the story behind her new song "Summer Night."

Jang Jane, Shocking Makeup 'She Still Has More to Show'

Fashion & Style 08.07.12 | 09:38PM EDT

Jang Jane's shocking makeup caught much attention.

Jang Jane's New Song 'Summer Night-SEPT' Released... "I Want to Try Having Two Title Songs"

Headlines 08.03.12 | 06:35PM EDT

Singer Jang Jane released the new song to her upcoming album at 'Lee Sora's Second Proposal'.

Jang Jane Talks about Performing with Joouc, "I Always Wanted to"

Headlines 07.15.12 | 07:28PM EDT

Jang Jane performs with singer Joosuc on "Show Me the Money."

Jang Jane's Chopstick Thin Legs Catches Attention of Fans

Buzz 05.17.12 | 04:03PM EDT

Singer Jang Jane showed off her chopstick legs.

Jang Jane Concert Tickets Sell Out in 30 Seconds!

Headlines 04.30.12 | 05:29PM EDT

Singer Jang Jane made a record of selling out her solo concert tickets in 30 seconds.

Jang Jane's Version of 'Troublemaker'

Headlines 03.15.12 | 06:24PM EDT

Singer Jang Jane sang her own version of the duet song of HyunA and Jang HyunSeung, 'Troublemaker'.

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