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Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (October 12-October 18)

Features 10.20.14 | 08:31AM EDT

Don't worry if you haven't been keeping up with all your favorite K-Pop stars' Instagram updates - we have collected all the best posts from the past week right here for you!

4minute Huh Gayoon, Support For Jeon Jiyoon Filming For Drama

Buzz 09.26.14 | 12:56AM EDT

Girl group 4minute's member Huh Gayoon showed support for member Jeon Jiyoon filming for a drama.

DICKPUNKS And 4Minute's Jeon Jiyoon To Release Collaboration Album On July 11

Headlines 07.05.14 | 02:26AM EDT

Band DICKPUNKS and idol group 4Minute's Jeon Jiyoon met to collaborate on an album.

4MINUTE’s Still Got It - Taking the Top with "Whatcha Doin' Today"

Headlines 04.08.14 | 04:42AM EDT

It's been six years since these girls promised to show us everything they got in just 4 minutes, but they are still fresh and as dominant as ever.

4Minute at Gimpo International Airport Heading to Japan for Attending Mnet's M!Countdown - April 1, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 04.01.14 | 10:26PM EDT

4Minute at Gimpo International Airport Heading to Japan for Attending Mnet's M!Countdown - April 1, 2014 [PHOTOS]

4Minute for Ceci Magazine

Fashion & Style 03.27.14 | 03:10PM EDT

4Minute for Ceci Magazine

4Minute Pulls Off Metallic Look in Theme Park Photoshoot

Headlines 03.14.14 | 04:54AM EDT

Girl group 4Minute styled a metallic look in their 5th theme park photoshoot for "4Minute Diary".

4minute Black and White Photo Shoot for 1st Look Magazine [PHOTOS]

Fashion & Style 05.16.13 | 09:33AM EDT

4minute Black and White Photo Shoot for 1st Look Magazine [PHOTOS]

K-Pop Review: Harvest Moon by 2Yoon

Headlines 02.06.13 | 04:01PM EST

4minute unit group, 2Yoon, made their debut with their 1st mini album, and lots of hillbilly influences.

Jung Hyung Don to 'Gangnam Style' Star HyunA 'Hey, You're Not So Great Either'

Stars on TV / Movies 02.01.13 | 11:21PM EST

4minute's HyunA remained undaunted by comedian Jung Hyung Don's spiteful remarks.

2Yoon '24/7' Jeon Jiyoon's Video Teaser, Transform Into Tomboy

Headlines 01.14.13 | 03:16PM EST

4minute subunit 2Yoon today released another teaser featuring member Jeon Jiyoon following Heo Gayoon's video teaser.

2Yoon '24/7' MV Teaser Features Comedian Jung Hyung Don

Headlines 01.11.13 | 10:15AM EST

4minute's first unit 2Yoon revealed teaser music video of "24/7" featuring comedian Jung Hyung Don from their debut album Harvest Moon.

4minute Reveals Teaser Photos of Jeon Jiyoon From Subunit 2Yoon

Etc 01.09.13 | 05:10AM EST

Girl group 4mintue's subunit 2Yoon member Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon shared their teaser photos.

K-Pop Idols Compete in Musical, Who is the Winner?

Headlines 11.05.12 | 04:38PM EST

Many K-Pop idols have been debuting as actors in musicals.

Sohyun Of 4minute Asks Fans To Wish Jiyoon A Happy Birthday

Buzz 10.14.12 | 07:05PM EDT

The maknae wishes her unnie Ji Yoon a happy birthday, and asks fans to do the same.

4minute Reveals Group Shot, 'Cute Poses'

Buzz 08.17.12 | 02:31PM EDT

Girl group 4minute revealed a group shot, gaining much attention.

Bare Faced 4minute Jiyoon-Gayoon, On Their Way To England!

Buzz 06.21.12 | 08:18PM EDT

Girl group 4minute member's Jiyoon and Gayoon take a snapshot before boarding their flight to London.

4minute First Teaser Video ‘Volume Up,' Sexy Vampires

Headlines 04.06.12 | 11:29AM EDT

Girl group 4minute is to comeback as sexy vampires.

4minute New Song Criticize Prejudice Against Girl Groups, Release 2nd Teaser Image

Headlines 04.04.12 | 03:43PM EDT

Girl group 4minute released their second powerful 2nd teaser image today on 4:44PM KST.

4Minute's 'Follow-up' of Their Awkward Photo

Buzz 03.17.12 | 09:49PM EDT

After their serious photo was released, HyunA releases follow-up photos.


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