Jin Se Yeon

Shin Sung Rok And Jin Se Yeon Will Emcee The Seoul International Drama Awards

08.28.14 | 01:20PM EDT

Two of this year’s breakout stars have been chosen to host the 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards.

Actress Jin Se Yeon Reveals Cute And Flirty Photo With Short Hair

Buzz 07.23.14 | 02:49PM EDT

Actress Jin Se Yeon revealed a cute photo online.

North Korean Scenes Deleted From Chinese Film Version Of 'Doctor Stranger'

Buzz 07.17.14 | 02:11PM EDT

The characters may be less compelling when you don't know their past motivations.

"Doctor Stranger" Delivers Happy Endings And Higher Ratings

Buzz 07.09.14 | 09:48AM EDT

"Doctor Stranger" Ends On A High Note, "Triangle" is solidly in second place.

Ratings For “Doctor Stranger” Dip But The Drama Remains On Top

Buzz 07.02.14 | 11:47AM EDT

Ratings for "Triangle" have risen.

KpopStarz Poll Results: Who Did You Choose As Your Favorite Artists From The First Half Of 2014?

Headlines 07.02.14 | 07:25AM EDT

Which Of Your Favorite Idols, Actors, And Actresses Won For The Best Of K-Pop And K-Drama For The 1st Half Of 2014?

"Doctor Stranger" Goes From A Drama To A Film With Political Implications

Headlines 06.27.14 | 10:34AM EDT

The medical espionage drama will be condensed into a two-hour film.

“Big Man” Succeeds In Reaching First Place

Headlines 06.18.14 | 01:29PM EDT

Ratings for the final episode of the show put it in first place.

Ratings For “Big Man” Remain Strong As Kang Ji Hwan Enacts Revenge

Headlines 06.10.14 | 04:24PM EDT

"Big Man" and "Doctor Stranger" are in close competition

Love Ruled The Ratings This Week

Headlines 06.03.14 | 01:51PM EDT

Love ruled the ratings this week, whether it was the reunion of the lost lovers, played by Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk, or whether it’s the unhealthy obsession that Daniel Choi’s character has with his lover, played by Lee Da Hee.

“Big Man” Advances On “Doctor Stranger”

Headlines 05.27.14 | 10:27AM EDT

"Big Man" has slowly crept up in the ratings.

Ratings: “Big Man” Gets A Bigger Advantage

Headlines 05.21.14 | 10:21AM EDT

After the first few convoluted episodes, the plot of "Big Man" is on more solid ground and attracting more viewers.

Kim Soo Hyun's First Kiss Happened In A Drama

Headlines 05.19.14 | 10:47AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun is one of several k-drama actors who had their first kiss onscreen.

Ratings: “Doctor Stranger” Pushes “Triangle” From First Place.

Headlines 05.13.14 | 11:20AM EDT

The fast-paced comic book pace of "Doctor Stranger" has propelled it to first place.

Rainy Day Scenes Add More Drama To K-Dramas

Headlines 05.09.14 | 10:12AM EDT

A kiss or confession scene can be even more romantic in the rain.

"Triangle" And "Doctor Stranger" Start Off With Kisses And Close Ratings

Headlines 05.06.14 | 11:53AM EDT

Now that "Empress Ki" has ended the three competing dramas vary only slightly in their ratings.

SBS Drama 'Doctor Stranger' Press Conference - April 29, 2014 [PHOTOS]

TV / Drama 04.30.14 | 10:18AM EDT

SBS Drama 'Doctor Stranger' Press Conference - April 29, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Jin Se Yeon Attends SBS Drama 'Doctor Stranger' Press Conference - April 29, 2014 [PHOTOS]

TV / Drama 04.30.14 | 10:12AM EDT

Jin Se Yeon Attends SBS Drama 'Doctor Stranger' Press Conference - April 29, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Jin Se Yeon Takes On Dual Roles In "Doctor Stranger"

TV / Drama 04.28.14 | 02:10PM EDT

She plays an optimistic student and a sophisticated doctor.

Kang Ji Hwan V. Kim Jaejoong V. Lee

TV / Drama 04.24.14 | 01:54PM EDT

Which actor's drama are you most looking forward to?

Kim Hyun Joong Talks Dating, Marriage And Jin Se Yeon

TV / Drama 04.11.14 | 10:47AM EDT

In a recent interview the actor confessed that his ideas about relationships and marriage had changed.

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