Jo Kwon

2AM Snaps A Photo Together During Rehearsel

Buzz 08.10.14 | 05:00PM EDT

Group 2AM members took a picture together.

'JYP' Jo Kwon-Sunmi-Jackson, Selfie Together

Buzz 08.08.14 | 09:39AM EDT

2AM's member Jo Kwon, Sunmi, and GOT7's member Jackson revealed a picture taken together.

Jo Kwon Takes A Picture With Suzy During Practice

Buzz 08.06.14 | 09:50AM EDT

2AM Jo Kwon took a picture with miss A Suzy while practicing for the JYP Nation concert.

2AM Jo Kwon Takes Selfies With Other JYP Arists

Buzz 07.30.14 | 11:16AM EDT

2AM Jo Kwon shared selfies of the JYP family.

2AM Jo Kwon Shows Off His Friendship With Actresses And Singer Visiting His Musical

Buzz 07.29.14 | 12:57PM EDT

2AM Jo Kwon showed off his golden friendship with other celebrities through his musical.

Jo Kwon and Hong Eun Hee To Join 'I'm Going To School'

Stars on TV / Movies 07.16.14 | 11:05AM EDT

2AM member Jo Kwon and actress Hong Eun Hee will join the show JTBC 'I'm going to School.'

2AM Jo Kwon Shows Off His Perfect Skin

Buzz 07.11.14 | 07:33AM EDT

2AM member Jo Kwon showed a three step selfie.

Jo Kwon On Continued Controversy Of Drag Role In 'Priscilla': 'Stop Criticizing'

Hot Issues 07.08.14 | 02:33PM EDT

As the musical "Priscilla" opens at the LG Art Center in Seoul, actor and singer Jo Kwon is once again addressing the public regarding the controversy surrounding his role.

2AM Jo Kwon & The Role Of Male Divas In K-Pop

Features 06.28.14 | 04:13PM EDT

Jo Kwon has received criticism regarding his role as a cross-dressing, openly gay male in the Korean musical adaptation of 'Priscilla.'

2AM's Jo Kwon Receives Homophobic Comments On Instagram Due To 'Priscilla' Promotional Photos

Hot Issues 06.27.14 | 01:29PM EDT

As 2AM's Jo Kwon prepares for the role of Adam in the musical "Priscilla," the singer has received negative comments regarding the promotional photos posted to his Instagram.

Jo Kwon Is A Feisty Queen in Vogue

Fashion & Style 06.27.14 | 12:14AM EDT

You read that right! Jo Kwon transforms himself into a fab androgynous male in this Vogue shoot.

K-Pop Mixtape: Dance Club Jams

Features 06.26.14 | 11:09PM EDT

The best K-Pop songs for clubbing.

Jo Kwon Says He's Falling Deeper Into His Role As He Changes His Image

Interviews 06.26.14 | 07:51AM EDT

Jo Kwon changed to a man dressed as a woman.

Jo Kwon And G.Na Attend miss A Min's Birthday Party

Buzz 06.24.14 | 07:58AM EDT

2AM member Jo Kwon posted a picture with G.Na.

Jo Kwon Shows Off His Beautiful Face "We Can Do It!"

Buzz 06.20.14 | 08:35AM EDT

2AM member Jo Kwon posted a picture showing off his flawless 'Honey' skin.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun and 2AM's Jo Kwon Gave Their Condolences To The Victims Of Sewol Ferry Incident

Buzz 04.22.14 | 09:06AM EDT


2AM Lead Vocalist Jo Kwon To Play Drag Queen In Seoul Production Of 'Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert'

Headlines 04.16.14 | 03:41PM EDT

2AM lead vocalist Jo Kwon will get a chance to show his dramatic range this summer with a lead role in a Seoul production of the popular musical "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

2AM's Jo Kwon Attends Clarisonic Conference Event - March 31, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Events 03.31.14 | 03:22PM EDT

2AM's Jo Kwon Attends Clarisonic Conference Event - March 31, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Most Likely to Bring Home to Mom and Dad: Male Edition

Features 03.16.14 | 11:40PM EDT

Most Likely to Bring Home to Mom and Dad: Male Edition

Who Is Girls’ Generation Jessica’s Rumored Boyfriend Tyler Kwon?

Hot Issues 03.14.14 | 11:34AM EDT

Although it was found to be not true, Tyler Kwon was rumored to be dating Girls' Generation's Jessica.

10 Male Idols Who Would Be Awesome To Hang Out With On White Day

Features 03.14.14 | 05:40AM EDT

From T.O.P to Kim Soo Hyun, these idols would be great companions for White Day.

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