Jia Meng is about to comeback with a new music that fans shall definitely love.

Jia teased fans with her Instagram post hinting her comeback

Trending News 11.15.16 | 01:00PM EST

Jia teased fans with her Instagram post hinting her comeback after leaving Miss A.

IOI comeback

IOI Releases Teaser for ‘Very Very Very’ Featuring JYP’s Whisper

Headlines 10.14.16 | 02:56AM EDT

IOI released mv teaser for new single "Very Very Very" featuring JYP. The group has also released more teaser photos.

Miss A Fei Attends Sue Comma Bonnie 2014 F/W Presentation Event

Miss A's Fei To Release Solo Album

Headlines 06.26.16 | 10:43AM EDT

The announcement comes only a month after Jia left the group.

Wonder Girls Teaser

Wonder Girls Reveal Schedule And Teasers For Comeback "Why So Lonely"

Headlines 06.26.16 | 10:40AM EDT

One of the songs, "To The Beautiful You," has been released early.

JYP Soloist Baek Yerin of 15& To Hold Comeback This Month

15&'s Baek Yerin To Hold Comeback This Month

Headlines 06.07.16 | 12:43AM EDT

The singer's previous comeback was in Nov. 2015, with "Across The Universe."

Jia's Contract With JYP Expires, Departs From Miss A

Jia's Contract With JYP Expires, Departs From Miss A

Headlines 05.22.16 | 10:50PM EDT

After six years with the group, Jia has decided not to renew her contract.

Big Hit Entertainment Beats Out YG For Most Albums Sold In 2015

Big Hit Entertainment Beats Out YG In 2015 Album Sales Rankings

Headlines 04.05.16 | 01:09AM EDT

The veteran companies in the industry are being overtaken by smaller agencies.

JYP Confirms Comeback For Mid-April

JYP Confirms Comeback For Mid-April

Headlines 03.31.16 | 12:24AM EDT

JYP's previous comeback was over a year ago, with "Who's Your Mama?"

Tzuyu clothing controversy

JYP Apologizes For Tzuyu's Onstage Wardrobe Mishap

Headlines 03.17.16 | 02:47PM EDT

The incident occured during the March 13 episode of live music show Inkigayo

SMTOWN concert in Taiwan

How Much Profit Did Korea's Top 5 Entertainment Agencies Make In 2015?

Headlines 03.05.16 | 03:28PM EST

Spoiler alert. Only one company had a negative net income in 2015.

Big Bang

Korean Music Awards Announce Musician Of The Year Recipients Ahead Of Monday's Ceremony

Headlines 02.26.16 | 08:44AM EST

Big Bang, IU and JYP will claim the popularity vote awards at the Korean Music Awards.

JYJ's Jaejoong To Hold Japan Concert... As A Hologram

Are Hologram Concerts The Next Big Thing For K-Pop?

Hot Issues 02.25.16 | 10:53AM EST

More frequently all around Asia, fans are turning out in droves to see Korean pop stars appear in holographic performances.

JYP Conan O'Brien Steven Yuen

American Celebrities Conan O’Brien And Steven Yuen To Appear In JYP Music Video

Headlines 02.25.16 | 09:11AM EST

Talk show host Conan O’Brien and Korean-American actor Steven Yuen visited Seoul last week and collaborated with JYP for his upcoming music video.

Twice And GOT7 Became NBA Apparel Sponsors

TWICE And GOT7 Become Official NBA Apparel Models For Spring-Summer Clothing Line

Headlines 02.15.16 | 11:29AM EST

Previous ad campaigns for NBA Korea featured Taeyang of Big Bang and Choa of AOA.

Conan O'Brien David Letterman

What Will Conan O'Brien Do During His Visit To South Korea Next Week?

Stars on TV / Movies 02.12.16 | 10:10AM EST

The American talk show host is going to Korea after a fan sent him a package full of snacks from the country.

park jin young, twice

Organizational Culture And Leadership Expert Jason Lim Pens Open Letter To JYP Regarding Tzuyu

Headlines 02.01.16 | 12:23PM EST

Lim took offense at Park Jin Young's actions regarding a JYP Entertainment singer.

Twice release debut MV for

JYP Entertainment Concerns Korean Civil Rights Group With Treatment Of TWICE's Tzuyu

Hot Issues 01.20.16 | 11:07AM EST

The Center for Multicultural Korea is willing to file a lawsuit against the entertainment agency regarding an idol's recent political controvesy.

JYP's New Girl Group 'SIXTEEN' at a Press Conference

Tawainese Hackers Infiltrate JYP Entertainment Website

Headlines 01.18.16 | 10:58PM EST

The Taiwanese chapter of social activist hacking group Anonymous has claimed responsibiilty for the attack, threatening to continue unless JYP gives in to their demands.

SHINee and 2NE1

South Korean Task Force Brings K-Pop Dance Routines To Underprivileged Children In Indonesia

Headlines 01.18.16 | 10:06AM EST

This is the first Official Development Assistance program started by the planning body, whose mission it is to use new methods to further the influence and scope of the Korean Wave abroad while focusing on philanthropic endeavors.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

Why TWICE Member Tzuyu's Support For Taiwan's Independence From Mainland China Is Controversial

Hot Issues 01.14.16 | 02:05PM EST

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young weighs in on Tzuyu's support of Taiwanese independence from China, an issue which has continuously sparked controversy within Mandopop and is now affecting K-pop.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

TWICE Halt Promotional Activities In China Due To Political Controversy Surrounding Tzuyu

Headlines 01.14.16 | 12:34PM EST

Rumors about the 16-year-old member of Twice have been spreading on Chinese social media, accusing the young singer of being pro-Taiwanese independence.

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