Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook Revealed To Be The Main Reason Why 'Running Man' Was Not Cancelled

Stars on TV / Movies 02.01.17 | 12:54PM EST

"Running Man" PD reveals that Kim Jong Kook played a big role in the uncancellation of the show.

 Actor Kim Jong-kook attends the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards at The Hudson Theatre on February 5, 2015 in New York City.

Kim Jong Kook Will Replace Kim Bum Soo As The Host For 'I Can See Your Voice' Season 4

Stars on TV / Movies 01.28.17 | 01:31AM EST

Kim Jong Koon will be the MC for "I Can See Your Voice" season 4, replacing Kim Bom Soo. The episode where Kim Jong Kook starts MCing with Leeteuk and Yoon Se Yoon will air on March 2.

Running Man members posed for a picture on Photo Wall of 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards.

'Running Man' Won't Be Ending This 2017

Stars on TV / Movies 01.31.17 | 03:25AM EST

Fans of the hit urban variety show "Running Man" will surely rejoice. It was just announced that the show will continue its airing and won't end next month.

Running Man

Running Man Won't Be Cancelled, Says SBS

Headlines 01.25.17 | 07:57AM EST

After announcing the cancellation of the long-running show 'Running Man,' SBS announces that they have decided to continue the show. Find out why.

Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event

Kim Jong Konk And Song Ji Hyo To Get Married Soon According To Predictions

Headlines 01.10.17 | 04:42AM EST

On the January 1 episode, “The Running Man” members had their fortunes told by both a traditional Korean fortune teller (saju) and a tarot fortune teller.

 Kim Jong-kook attends the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards at The Hudson Theatre on February 5, 2015 in New York City.

Running Man Reportedly Setting Up Real Blind Date for Kim Jong Kook on "Member's Week" Project

Hot Issues 01.03.17 | 10:25AM EST

Running Man will have the following Member's Week project for Kim Jong Kook on January 13th. It will be real blind date set by the crew. It is also said that the girl is really beautiful.

Kim Jong Kook at 3rd Annual Drama Fever Award in New York City.

Blackpink Blowed Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook with Their Powerful Dance of "Playing with the Fire"

Hot Issues 12.27.16 | 12:06PM EST

Blackpink appeared on Running Man eps 329 and showed a great powerful dance to Running Man members. They showed a great sense of to entertain for the show. Start to show a nice show, Running Man has to end on February 2017.

Song Ji Hyu at SBS

TWICE Makes Song Ji Hyo Dance at SBS Entertainment Awards

Headlines 12.27.16 | 12:05PM EST

At the SBS Entertainment Awards 2016, Song Ji Hyo was seen crying as well as enjoying the show despite the controversies over the show 'Running Man' going around. She was cheered up by the girl's group TWICE. She also became emotional during the acceptance speech by Lee Kwang Soo.

Song Ji Hyo attends the Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event on October 15, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

Running Man Crew Apologize to Public for Disbanding the Program on the Latest Episode on Television

Stars on TV / Movies 12.26.16 | 12:36PM EST

Running Man crew finally apologized to cancel the program. This will end the 7 year program. Moreover, they also apologize to Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook to treat them unfairly.

 Kim Jong-Kook and Song Ji-Hyo from “Running Man” variety show.

Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate their salary from 'Running Man' to charity

Headlines 12.20.16 | 11:16AM EST

Two “Running Man” cast members Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate the remaining of their payment from the show to charity. Their decision is announced by their respective agency.

Tiny and Kim Jong Kook in LA.

Kim Jong Kook’s friend: Running Man is “shady” and “not loyal”

Headlines 12.22.16 | 01:52AM EST

Not only fans got affected with the recent controversies of Running Man but also celebrities and close friends of the stars involved.

Running Man update: Kang Ho Dong declines offer to host the show

Stars on TV / Movies 12.19.16 | 08:29PM EST

Read the full story behind Kang Ho Dong's decision.

Song Ji Hyo & Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook confirmed to leave ‘Running Man’

Hot Issues 12.16.16 | 07:12AM EST

The two long-time members of SBS hit variety show are leaving 'Running Man'. Rumors have surfaced about their decision might have not been mutual with the production crew.

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook will officially leave “Running Man”

Stars on TV / Movies 12.16.16 | 05:42AM EST

Perhaps, 7012 is really over as Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are confirmed to leave the well-loved variety show.

Might Mouth in their recent shoot.

Kim Jong Kook and Mighty Mouth's Shorry J: Friends of Sangchu who helped him during hiatus

Hot Issues 12.01.16 | 09:38AM EST

It's good to know that true friends exist in the hallyu world.

Turbo On Kcon LA Red Carpet - July, 30th 2016 [PHOTOS]

Turbo On Kcon LA Red Carpet - July, 30th 2016 [PHOTOS]

Hot Issues 08.18.16 | 07:53PM EDT

Turbo On Kcon LA Red Carpet - July, 30th 2016 [PHOTOS]

EXO's Sehun, Jessica Jung, and 2PM's Wooyoung

K-Pop Birthday Calendar: April 2016

Headlines 04.03.16 | 11:12PM EDT

Some of your favorite K-pop stars will celebrate their birthday this month. Find out who.

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook's '90s K-Pop Group TURBO Rev Up For A Return

Headlines 12.04.15 | 10:32AM EST

The Running Man star got his start in the early K-pop act, and not they are pumped up for a comeback.

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