Lee Ha Yi

'Inkigayo' Lee Hi, Bolder Dance Movements Than Music Video?

Stars on TV / Movies 11.05.12 | 08:13AM EST

Lee Hi's debut stage on "Inkigayo" caught much attention.

Lee Ha Yi – Park Ji Min – Baek Ah Yeon Intimidating Teen-Trio Taking Over

Headlines 11.04.12 | 10:41AM EST

The intimidating trio, Lee Ha Yi, Park Ji Min and Baek Ah Yeon, from SBS survival audition program "K-Pop Star" are taking over the music industry.

Lee Hi, Next for YG Royal Family Line Up?

Headlines 11.02.12 | 09:12AM EDT

Lee Hi has been the newest addition to YG Entertainment for 2012.

Lee Hi Confirms New Solo Album Release in December

Headlines 11.01.12 | 08:05PM EDT

Lee Hi is to continue her solo activities with the release of her first offline album in December, as she carries on the momentum of success from her debut song.

Lee Ha Yi, "Yang Hyun Suk Told me Not to Act Pretty"

Headlines 10.31.12 | 10:23AM EDT

A music video behind the scenes video of Lee Ha Yi was revealed.

Lee Ha Yi Makes Debut on 'Inkigayo' on November 4

Headlines 10.31.12 | 09:02AM EDT

Singer Lee Ha Yi will make her debut stage on SBS "Inkigayo" on November 4.

Lee Ha Yi Makes All-Kill on Charts with '1,2,3,4'

Headlines 10.30.12 | 10:28PM EDT

'K-Pop Star' runner up Lee Ha Yi's debut song makes an all-kill on charts.

YG's Lee Hi, What is Her Appeal?

Headlines 10.29.12 | 08:45AM EDT

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk said Lee Hi's appeal is 'unexpected.'

Lee Hi's Countdown Is Revealed

Headlines 10.28.12 | 05:13PM EDT

On YG's Official Blog, a counter for Lee Hi's debut has been released

YG-Life Releases Final Lee Hi Teaser Photo

Buzz 10.28.12 | 04:17PM EDT

On October 28th, yg-life released the last teaser photo of Lee Hi

Balloons Are Promoting Lee Hi's Comeback

Etc 10.27.12 | 04:04PM EDT

Above the YG Building, an odd promotional tactic was done.

Epik High Released Making-Of Footage For '99' [VIDEO]

Etc 10.27.12 | 03:22PM EDT

The men of the famous trio show off a childish and goofy side.

Epik High Releases Noraebang Version Of "It's Cold"

Etc 10.26.12 | 09:43PM EDT

"It's Cold" has been transformed into a funny song for karaoke!

yg-life Releases "D-2" Picture of Lee Hi

Buzz 10.26.12 | 08:20PM EDT

On October 27th, yg-life released another picture of Lee Hi writing "D-2".

Why Did YG Choose Not to Reveal any Video Teasers for Lee Ha Yi's Debut?

Headlines 10.26.12 | 04:40AM EDT

Lee Ha Yi did not reveal any video teasers for her upcoming debut.

Another Teaser Photo of LEE HI Has Been Released

Etc 10.25.12 | 08:19PM EDT

D-2 for LEE HI.

Lee Ha Yi Reveals Teaser Image Before Debut

Headlines 10.25.12 | 02:14PM EDT

SBS "K-Pop Star" contestant Lee Ha Yi will be making her debut soon.

yg-life Releases LEE HI's First Teaser Photo

Etc 10.24.12 | 09:14PM EDT

For her upcoming debut, yg-life has released the first of many photos.

'K-Pop Star' Park Ji Min-Lee Ha Yi-Baek Ah Yeon, 'Star Transformation'

Headlines 10.24.12 | 02:40PM EDT

The 3 contestants from "K-Pop Star" have become solo singers.

Seo In Young-HyunA-Lee Ha Yi, Female Solo Artists on the Rise

Headlines 10.24.12 | 03:13AM EDT

Solo female artists have been taking over the male solo artists this fall.

Epik High's New Single "It's Cold" Is Topping Charts All The Music Charts

Headlines 10.16.12 | 03:57AM EDT

The group Epik High is reaching an All-Kill with "It's Cold".

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