Lee Jun Ki

K-Drama Actors Master Sword Fighting Skills

07.28.14 | 01:54PM EDT

TVXQ's Jung Yunho is the latest acting idol to take up the sword but many actors have done so before him.

'The Joseon Gunman' Scores A Bulls Eye

07.25.14 | 01:35PM EDT

The drama about a swordfighter who takes up the gun for revenge reached first place in the ratings.

Lee Jun Ki at Incheon International Airport Back from Japan - Jul 19, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 07.20.14 | 06:36AM EDT

Lee Jun Ki at Incheon International Airport Back from Japan - Jul 19, 2014 [PHOTOS]

'You're All Surrounded' Ends Well And Holds First Place

Airport Fashion 07.18.14 | 12:54PM EDT

The finale of "You're All Surrounded" offered happy endings for all but the criminals.

Five Fun Facts About Park Ha Sun

Airport Fashion 07.16.14 | 10:44AM EDT

In the last year Park Ha Sun has acted with Lee Jun Ki, Park Yoochun and Kwon Sang Woo.

You’re All Surrounded’ Holds Its Ground

Airport Fashion 07.11.14 | 11:53AM EDT

The police drama held first place in the ratings, followed by "The Joseon Gunman."

K-Drama Actors Who Look Better With Longer Hair

Airport Fashion 07.10.14 | 02:48PM EDT

Here's our opinion of who looks better with longer locks. Let us know if you agree.

Lee Jun Ki Whispers To His Horses

Airport Fashion 06.30.14 | 02:15PM EDT

The actor learned to ride because he loves action scenes, but it's not just a matter of skill, he says.

Ratings: “a New Leaf” Ends In Second Place But Two Episodes Short

Airport Fashion 06.27.14 | 10:38AM EDT

Scheduling conflicts forced "A New Leaf" to cut two episodes.

'Harper's Bazaar' Skinship Pictorial With Lee Jun Ki And Nam Sang Mi

Fashion & Style 06.26.14 | 12:37AM EDT

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi in "Harper's Bazaar" magazine

Actor Lee Jun Ki Hits 14 Million Followers On China's Weibo

Fashion & Style 06.24.14 | 07:17AM EDT

Actor Lee Jun Ki has surpassed 14 million followers on Weibo.

Five Fun Facts About Nam Sang Mi

Fashion & Style 06.23.14 | 12:35PM EDT

The actress reunites with Lee Jun Ki in "The Joseon Gunman."

Lee Jun Ki And Nam Sang Mi Are Having Fun Filming "The Joseon Gunman"

Fashion & Style 06.20.14 | 01:10PM EDT

Nam Sang Mi says the two-time co-stars work well together so there's more time for fun.

Gay Characters In K-Dramas And Movies

Fashion & Style 06.02.14 | 12:28PM EDT

K-dramas and movies don’t have a lot of characters who profess to being gay, so it’s notable that Ahn Jae Hyun’s character in “You’re All Surrounded” might soon come out of the closet.

Lee Jun Ki Trades His Sword For A Gun In “The Joseon Shooter”

Fashion & Style 05.29.14 | 02:58PM EDT

The Joseon era seems to suit Lee Jun Ki.

The K-Drama Do-Over: Which Stars Did And Should Reunite?

Fashion & Style 04.23.14 | 01:30PM EDT

A handful of stars have shared the screen more than once. Who else should have a do-over?

Did These K-Pop Male Stars Get Work Done? Still Would Have Been Good Without It!

Features 04.16.14 | 07:58AM EDT

Did These K-Pop Male Stars Get Work Done? Still Would Have Been Good Without It!

Playing Tough Guys May Be Good For Your Career

Features 04.01.14 | 02:18PM EDT

This was the year when several actors tried to move toward tougher, more complex roles.

Lee Jun Ki Heads Back To The Joseon Era

Features 03.20.14 | 10:36AM EDT

According to the actor's agency, his fans love him best in historical dramas.

Lee Min Ho V. Kim Soo Hyun? Who Is More Popular In China?

Features 03.12.14 | 02:08PM EDT

Both actors have a huge fan base in China.

Actress Han Hyo Joo Is Rarely Recognized

Stars on TV / Movies 02.13.14 | 11:23AM EST

The actress says that people rarely recognize her on the street.

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