Lee Jun Ki

Jung Kyung Ho

Five Fun Facts About Jung Kyung Ho

04.13.15 | 01:27PM EDT

Jung Kyung Ho plays a heartless man who gets a second chance at life after receiving a heart transplant in “Falling for Innocence,” also known as “Falling for Soon Jung.”

Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk Is Considering His Second Vampire Drama

04.08.15 | 08:44AM EDT

Lee Soo Hyuk is considering a role in “The Scholar Who Walks The Night.”

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki Will Play A Beautiful Scholarly Vampire

04.02.15 | 09:14AM EDT

Lee Jun Ki’s next character will be mysterious, magnetically appealing and very dangerous. He’s about to play a vampire so beautiful that he’s impossible to resist.

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki Could Become A Vampire

03.17.15 | 02:09PM EDT

For a while Kim Soo Hyun seemed a likely candidate for the role of a scholarly vampire in “The Scholar Who Walks At Night.” But now that the actor has chosen to appear in the upcoming drama “Producers,” Lee Jun Ki is the next contender.

lee jun ki italy

Lee Jun Ki Updates His Instagram During His Stay In Italy

Buzz 02.21.15 | 03:17AM EST

Actor Lee Jun Ki updated his fans from Italy.

Lee Jun Ki

Actor Lee Jun Ki's Fan Page On Chinese Social Media Site Weibo Surpasses 16 Million Followers

Buzz 02.09.15 | 10:48AM EST

Actor Lee Jun Ki has surpasses 16 million followers for his fan page on China's social networking website Weibo.

lee jun ki selfie after japan tour

Lee Jun Ki, 'Sexy' Selfie After Finishing Japan Concert

Buzz 12.06.14 | 12:27AM EST

Actor Lee Jun Ki revealed a sexy self-camera photo.

Nam Sang Mi

Nam Sang Mi To Marry

Buzz 11.28.14 | 09:44AM EST

Actress Nam Sang Mi, who recently starred in “The Joseon Gunman,” is making wedding plans.

lee jun ki selfie in glasses

Lee Jun Ki, 'Sexy' Or 'Chic'? Selfie In Glasses

Buzz 11.13.14 | 02:52AM EST

Actor Lee Jun Ki revealed a self-camera photo.

lee jun ki with yoo seung chan hong suk chun holley

Lee Jun Ki, Yoo Seung Chan, Hong Suk Chun & Robert Holley, 'Happy Brothers' Meet

Buzz 11.04.14 | 03:00AM EST

Actor Lee Jun Ki, singer Yoo Seung Chan, entertainer Hong Suk Chun, and Robert Holley revealed a picture of their joyous meeting.

Lee Jun Ki Will Be Releasing His New Mini Album 'Exhale' In Both Korea And Japan

Lee Jun Ki Will Be Releasing His New Mini Album 'Exhale' In Both Korea And Japan

Buzz 10.30.14 | 10:49AM EDT

Singer and actor Lee Jun Ki will be releasing his new mini album in both Korea and Japan next month.

lee jun ki big head photo

Lee Jun Ki, Destroyed Jeans + Snapback "Big Head Picture"

Buzz 10.19.14 | 01:35AM EDT

Actor Lee Jun Ki posted a picture of himself.

Lee Jun Ki in Chosun Gunman

Actor Lee Jun Ki To Make Acting Debut In China?

Buzz 09.19.14 | 09:30AM EDT

Lee Jun Ki will be looking over projects for his acting debut in China after filming for Chosun Gunman wraps.

The Joseon Gunman

‘Joseon Gunman’ And ‘Fated To Love You’ End In First And Second Place

Buzz 09.05.14 | 10:46AM EDT

Both dramas ended with a three-years-later epilogue.

Fated To Love You

‘Fated To Love You’ and ‘The Joseon Gunman’ Tie For First Place

Buzz 08.29.14 | 08:49AM EDT

"The Joseon Gunman" has been in first place for a few weeks but "Fated To Love You" slowly rose to share it.

The Joseon Gunman

Ratings Rise But 'The Joseon Gunman' Holds First Place

Buzz 08.22.14 | 01:46PM EDT

The ratings rose for all three Wednesday-Thursday night dramas but the order remained the same.

Fated To Love You

'Fated To Love You' Fated For First Place

Buzz 08.14.14 | 12:29PM EDT

The comedy about a man and woman who cannot escape fate has taken some time to reach first place but perhaps it was fated to get there eventually.

It's Okay It's Love

Which Dramas Ranked Highest In China?

Buzz 08.05.14 | 12:43PM EDT

Depending on who you ask, some rank higher than others but the ratings are pretty similar to the domestic ones.

The Joseon Gunman

'The Joseon Gunman' May Be Extended

Buzz 08.04.14 | 09:53AM EDT

The actors are checking their schedules to see if they have any outstanding conflicts.

The Joseon Gunman

‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ Rises But Does Not Surpass ‘The Joseon Gunman’

Buzz 08.01.14 | 02:21PM EDT

"The Joseon Gunman" held first place in the ratings.

Jung Yunho

K-Drama Actors Master Sword Fighting Skills

Buzz 07.28.14 | 01:54PM EDT

TVXQ's Jung Yunho is the latest acting idol to take up the sword but many actors have done so before him.

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