Girl's Generation's Seohyun Sends Out Fiery Message To Critics

Girl's Generation's Seohyun Sends Out Fiery Message To Critics

Hot Issues 05.15.17 | 11:57AM EDT

Girls' Generation's Seohyun has burst out in a fiery message as she answers back to the scrutiny that she gets from her critics.

Seohyun On Her New Drama

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Opened Up About The Criticism On New Drama ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’

K-Drama 05.13.17 | 11:20AM EDT

Seohyun doesn't even back down even when her acting as a lead character on MBC's upcoming drama got criticized. Instead, the Girls' Generation member encourages people to give her strong feedbacks.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun Sends Strong Message To Her Hackers

Girls' Generation's Seohyun Sends Strong Message To Hackers

Hot Issues 05.05.17 | 04:02PM EDT

Girls Generation's Seohyun sent out a strong message warning all of her hackers.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun's Upcoming Drama: Everything You Need To Know

Girls' Generation's Seohyun's Upcoming Drama 'Thief, Thief': Everything You Need To Know

Hot Issues 03.29.17 | 04:25AM EDT

It has been confirmed that Seohyun of Girls' Generation is preparing for her upcoming drama.

Ji Hyun-woo and Seohyun

Ji Hyun-woo Offered Lead Male Role In Weekend Drama 'Thief-nom, Thief-nim;' See Details Here

K-Drama 03.22.17 | 02:16PM EDT

The offer of a lead actor is out to Ji Hyun Woo, who is sought to star in the upcoming 50-episode weekend family drama "Thief-nom, Thief-nim" also known as"Bad Thief, Good Thief."


Seohyun of Girls’ Generation To Perform Lead Female Role In New MBC Drama ‘Thief, Mr. Thief’

Trending News 03.16.17 | 01:24PM EDT

Seohyun of Girls' Generation will be performing the lead role in the new MBC weekend drama with a working title "Thief, Mr. Thief," and this will be her first weekend drama role.


Seohyun of Girls' Generation's Offered By MBC the Lead Female Role in Upcoming Drama 'Thief, Mr. Thief'

Trending News 03.10.17 | 07:14AM EST

Seohyun of Girls’ Generation is considering an offer by MBC to play the female lead role in the network’s weekend drama “Thief, Mr. Thief.”

Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation Will Release 10th Anniversary New Album Reportedly In July!

Trending News 02.22.17 | 11:16PM EST

Some Girls’ Generation members are performing lots of activities, apparently as a forerunner to the Girls' Generation's 10th anniversary big event, and the upcoming release of their new album in July.


Seohyun Of Girls’ Generation Revelation About Past Love Affair Astounded JTBC’s ‘Ask Us Anything’ Cast

Trending News 02.20.17 | 02:41AM EST

Seohjun of Girls’ Generation, during her guest appearance on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” show, revealed her past relationship.

[Album Review] Seohyun ‘Don’t Say No’ First Mini Album

[Album Review] Seohyun ‘Don’t Say No’ First Mini Album

Reviews 01.31.17 | 08:39AM EST

An album review of Girl's Generation maknae Seohyun, first solo mini album, "Don't Say No".

SEOHYUN 서현_Don't Say No_Music Video Teaser #1

Girls' Generation Seohyun Rejects Young Girl Image For 'Dont Say No,' Talks About Her Relationship With Other Girl's Generation Members

Trending News 01.28.17 | 01:28AM EST

Girls' Generation Seohyun releases first solo album, "Don't Say No," following the footsteps of fellow SNSD members, Taeyeon and Tiffany.


Girl's Generation Member Seohyun Reveals Worst Thing She Ever Done

Trending News 01.24.17 | 10:26AM EST

Singer Seohyun of Girl's Generation, who is known for being prim and proper, reveals a crazy, awful thing she did with her friends during Halloween.

Seohyun in the promotional picture for her new album

Girls' Generation Seohyun Major Career Moves: New Solo Album 'Don't Say No' Released, Shines In First Lead Role In 'Ruby, Ruby Love'

K-Drama 01.22.17 | 07:47PM EST

Girls' Generation Seohyun has her hands full with her newly released solo album, "Don't Say No" and her new web series, "Ruby Ruby Love."

Here's one of the photos Taeyeon posted on her Instagram as a response to a basher's comment.

Taeyeon Responds to Hater on Her Instagram With Photo Series

Buzz 01.19.17 | 10:24AM EST

It seems that Girls' Generations' leader Taeyeon was once again attacked by a hater on her Instagram account. Here's how she handled the situation with grace.

Seohyun Is Sexy and Dazzling In Her Solo Debut ‘Don't Say No’ MV

Seohyun Is Sexy and Dazzling In Her Solo Debut ‘Don't Say No’ MV

Headlines 01.17.17 | 10:04AM EST

Girl's Generation Seohyun has finally released her solo debut music video. She is sexy and dazzling in her solo debut ‘Don't Say No’ mv.

Seohyun Releases ‘Don’t Say No’ MV Teaser For Solo Debut

Seohyun Reveals A Promising ‘Don’t Say No’ MV Teaser For Solo Debut

Headlines 01.15.17 | 07:27PM EST

SM Entertainment has released Seohyun's "Don’t Say No" MV teaser for solo debut.

Teaser poster of Seohyun’s debut solo album “Don’t Say No.”

Girls' Generation Seohyun Will Debut Her Solo Album This Month

Headlines 01.10.17 | 07:56PM EST

Seohyun, the member of Girls Generation and its sub-unit TTS will launch her musical solo career. She will release her first album in the third week of January.

Girls' Generation

SM Entertainment Confirms This Girls' Generation Member's Solo Debut!

Headlines 01.04.17 | 06:07PM EST

Find out which Girl's Generation member will be making her solo debut.

Ji Soo and Seohyun’s cameo stills.

'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' stars Ji Soo and Seohyun cameos on 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo'

K-Drama 12.26.16 | 11:59AM EST

Did you catch Ji Soo and Seohyun on “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” episodes 11 and 12?

K-Pop Maknaes

Famous K-Pop Maknaes, Then & Now

Features 12.22.16 | 08:13AM EST

Check out these then and now images of famous k-pop maknaes.

Block B Park Kyung

Block B's Park Kyung Reveals this Girls Generation Member as His Ideal Girl

Hot Issues 10.13.16 | 05:27AM EDT

In the recent airing of MBigt TV's Celebrity Bromance, Park Kyung shares who his ideal girl is.

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