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K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: CL Drops American Single, SM Artists Enlist, B.A.P Return

Features 11.22.15 | 11:56PM EST

This week saw a lot of activity from K-pop stars.

super junior siwon high cut magazine vol 162 december 2015 photos

Siwon Says Goodbye To Fans With Sporty High Cut Pictorial Before Enlistment

Fashion & Style 11.20.15 | 11:28AM EST

Super Junior's Siwon had one final photoshoot for High Cut Vol. 162 before his military enilstment. During the accompanying interview, Siwon reminisced about his chracter from 'She Was Pretty' and talked about TVXQ's Changmin.

siwon, changmin

Super Junior's Siwon And TVXQ's Changmin Join Growing List Of SM Entertainment Stars Reporting For Duty

Hot Issues 11.20.15 | 10:52AM EST

Quite a few of the entertainment company's artists are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service.

Super Junior's Choi Siwon at a Press Conference of MBC Drama 'She Was Pretty'

TVXQ's Changmin And Super Junior's Siwon Enlist In The Army

Headlines 11.18.15 | 10:59PM EST

TVXQ's Changmin and Super Junior's Siwon will be entering the army together on Nov. 19 without any special event happening.

Choi Siwon

TVXQ's Changmin And Super Junior's Siwon Reveal That They Want To Enter The Army Quietly

Headlines 11.13.15 | 11:08PM EST

SM Entertainment revealed that there won't be any special events for TVXQ's Changmin and Super Junior's Siwon upon entering the army.

Siwon prior to his transformation into Ten.

Super Junior's Siwon Reveals His True Identity In 'She Was Pretty'

Stars on TV / Movies 11.07.15 | 10:46PM EST

Siwon revealed his identity as the mysterious author, Ten, in the penultimate episode of 'She Was Pretty.'


Super Junior's Siwon Shaves His Signature Beard Off For 'PRESTIGE'

Features 11.04.15 | 01:32AM EST

Super Junior's member Siwon became the cover model for a Hong Kong magazine.


Super Junior's Kyuhyun Says Siwon Has Changed The Most Since Debut

Stars on TV / Movies 11.03.15 | 01:40AM EST

Super Junior's member Kyuhyun dissed his member Siwon, bringing laughter to the public.


SM Entertainment Sends Coffee Truck In Support Of Siwon And Staff Of 'She Was Pretty'

Buzz 10.29.15 | 12:20AM EDT

Super Junior's member Siwon thanked his agency SM Entertainment.

Choi Siwon portrays a popular character in 'She Was Pretty.'

Super Junior's Siwon Becomes 1st Korean To Gain 5 Million Followers On Twitter

Buzz 10.28.15 | 11:24AM EDT

The star's roles as an idol and actor have led to immense popularity throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Super Junior's Choi Siwon at a Press Conference of MBC Drama 'She Was Pretty'

Super Junior's Choi Siwon Asks Fans To Pray For Mexico As Country Deals With Hurricane Patricia

Buzz 10.27.15 | 09:51AM EDT

Choi Siwon joined in the worldwide show of support for Mexico as it braced for the battering of the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea.

siwon, lee sang hoon

Super Junior's Siwon Thanks Lee Sang Hoon For His Cameo On 'She Was Pretty'

Buzz 10.27.15 | 02:11AM EDT

Super Junior's member and actor Siwon revealed a picture taken with Lee Sang Hoon.

Super Junior's Siwon in episode 9 of 'She Was Pretty.'

Super Junior's Siwon Continues To Drive Viewership Of 'She Was Pretty'

Stars on TV / Movies 10.22.15 | 01:09PM EDT

The popular singer-actor continues to attract viewers as a hilarious source of comic relief in his latest acting project.

EXR The X House Launching Event

Stylish K-Pop Idols Sehun, Siwon, Yuri And More Rock The Red Carpet At EXR Launch Party

Headlines 10.17.15 | 03:48PM EDT

On Oct. 2, apparel brand EXR opened the doors of its first flagship store in Seoul. "The House X" launching event commemorated the milestone and celebrity fans were invited to check out the store, before it was shown to the general public.


Fans Swoon Over Siwon’s Beard During EXR Flagship Store Opening

Headlines 10.15.15 | 11:29AM EDT

Super Junior singer-actor Choi Siwon made fan hearts palpitate at the sight of his bearded face at the recent red carpet fashion event.

She was Pretty Cast Cosmopolitan Magazine October 2015 Photoshoot Fashion

'She Was Pretty' Cast Members Take Over The Office In Cosmopolitan

Stars on TV / Movies 10.14.15 | 11:44AM EDT

The cast of the MBC drama 'She Was Pretty' had fun in a fashion magazine's publishing office for the October issue of Cosmopolitan. Park Seo Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Go Jun Hee and Super Junior's Siwon showed great chemistry and a friendly atmosphere while pretending to be stylish co-workers.

siwon, eunhyuk

Super Junior's Siwon And Yesung Express Their Feelings Towards Eunhyuk's Enlistment

Buzz 10.13.15 | 08:01PM EDT

Super Junior's member Siwon revealed a funny picture with Eunhyuk.

Super Junior Siwon and Kyuhyun

Super Junior's Siwon Plays Photo Prank On Band Mate Kyuhyun

Stars on TV / Movies 10.06.15 | 10:12AM EDT

The trickster Choi Siwon strikes again with a new photo prank, this time aimed at his fellow band mate Kyuhyun.

Super Junior's Choi Siwon at a Press Conference of MBC Drama 'She Was Pretty'

Super Junior's Siwon Thanks Fans As 'She Was Pretty' Ratings Exceed 10%

Stars on TV / Movies 10.04.15 | 10:37AM EDT

Siwon wrote a thank-you message for fans as the latest two episodes for his ongoing drama reached more than 10% viewer ratings.

Super Junior's Choi Siwon at a Press Conference of MBC Drama 'She Was Pretty'

Super Junior's Siwon Draws Rave Reviews In 'She Was Pretty' Role

Stars on TV / Movies 09.29.15 | 10:24AM EDT

Super Junior singer-actor Choi Siwon is charming the pants off viewers in the ongoing MBC drama 'She Was Pretty.'

Siwon She Was Pretty Fan Food Truck

Super Junior's Siwon Thanks Fans For Sending Food Trucks To 'She Was Pretty' Drama Set

Stars on TV / Movies 09.22.15 | 08:13AM EDT

Siwon published a heartfelt thank-you message on his Instagram account for the food and coffee sent by fans.

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