Solbi Posts A Revealing Photo

Buzz 07.16.14 | 09:08AM EDT

Singer Solbi posted a revealing selfie.

Solbi Shows Confidence In Her Selfies

Buzz 07.12.14 | 04:33PM EDT

Singer Solbi showed confidence in her looks.

Solbi Exudes Confidence In A Bikini

Buzz 04.11.14 | 01:58AM EDT

Singer Solbi revealed her body in a bikini.

Solbi Collaborates with Jewelry Brand: “Kwon Ji An Collection”

Headlines 03.20.14 | 02:29AM EDT

Solbi challenges herself in a new field through collaboration with a jewelry brand.

Kwon Ji An Surprises Fans with Gift in Limited Edition of Mini Album

Headlines 03.19.14 | 12:44AM EDT

Solbi, back in the music scene with her real name Kwon Ji An, stated that she will give a surprise gift to fans who purchase her special mini album I am Fresh Like Ice Cream and 31.

Solbi Releases First Album and MV Under Name Kwon Ji An

Headlines 03.18.14 | 12:24AM EDT

Solbi's special mini album I am Fresh Like Ice Cream and 31 was released through online music stores today.

Solbi Releases Album Teaser of New York Vacation

Headlines 03.14.14 | 03:46AM EDT

On Twitter, Facebook, and Pastel Music's Youtube, Kwon Ji An uploaded the teaser clip of title song "Special" of her new album I am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31.

Solbi's Acoustic Genre Album Cover Revealed

Headlines 03.12.14 | 01:03AM EDT

Solbi, who makes a comeback with her real name Kwon Ji An, revealed her new album's cover image.

Solbi's New Look: Bobbed Hairstyle

Buzz 03.05.14 | 04:10AM EST

Singer Solbi revealed her new look.

Solbi Graduates College: “I Love My School!”

Buzz 02.28.14 | 04:45AM EST

Singer Solbi posted a picture of her college graduation.

Solbi, To Join Pastel Music And Make A Comeback As A Singer

Headlines 02.26.14 | 11:41PM EST

Singer Solbi will be joining Pastel Music and be making a new start as a singer with her real name, Kwon Ji An.

Solbi to Release New Album in March Under Real Name “Kwon Ji An”

Headlines 02.26.14 | 03:59AM EST

Singer Solbi releases a new album in March.

Solbi to Interact with Teenagers in Charity Festival

Headlines 02.26.14 | 02:19AM EST

Solbi plans to participates in the “Jumping Festival” held in Goyang by the social welfare organization Sinaewon. She will communicate hope through her songs and honest confessions.

Solbi, Picture On The Streets Of New York

Buzz 02.22.14 | 05:50AM EST

Singer Solbi revealed a picture taken in New York.

Solbi, Special Seminar For Youth "Find Your Own Charm"

Headlines 02.12.14 | 06:59AM EST

Singer Solbi will become a mentor for those in their prime time.

9 of the Sexiest K-pop Maxim Cover Babes

Features 01.23.14 | 01:29PM EST

9 of the Sexiest K-pop Maxim Cover Babes

Solbi, Recording Room Self-Camera "I Am A Singer"

Buzz 01.21.14 | 11:25PM EST

Singer Solbi revealed a self-camera photo taken in the recording room.

Korean Singer Solbi Graduates From College And Shares Pictures Of Herself In Her Cap And Gown

Headlines 01.12.14 | 03:02AM EST

At nearly 30-years-old, Solbi proves it's never too late to go back to school

Solbi Meets 60 Defected North Korean Teens

Headlines 01.10.14 | 06:11PM EST

Solbi's latest act of goodwill was visiting Sky Dream School, a school for defected North Korean teens

Solbi Will Be Featured As Artist In An Art Exhibition To Show That Art Can Heal

Headlines 12.04.13 | 10:20AM EST


Solbi and Her Puffy Cheeks: The Singer Admits Being Hurt by Comments

Headlines 11.30.13 | 08:54PM EST

Words hurt even the beautiful singer.

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