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Kyu Hyun Military Enlistment

Kyuhyun Military Enlistment: Youngest Super Junior Member Will Serve As Social Worker Following Tragic Accident In 2007

04.26.17 | 04:59AM EDT

Kyuhyun is ready to begin his military training on May 20. However, the Super Junior member will serve as a social worker instead once his training is over given his severe injury from a car accident 10 years ago.

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment & Mystic Entertainment Join Forces To Create Brand New Content

03.31.17 | 08:16AM EDT

SM Entertainment has recently bought a major share in Mystic Entertainment to further widen range in the music industry.

Super Junior

K-Pop Idols Who Were 'Born With Silver Spoons In Their Mouth': TWICE's Tzuyu, 2PM's Nichkhun, and More

Buzz 03.24.17 | 04:05AM EDT

There are K-pop idols in the Korean music industry who were born to a wealthy family, such as: 2PM's Nichkhun, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Siwon, and the list goes on.

Henry Lau

Henry of Super Junior M Reveals The Agonizing Reason Why He's Still Single On 'Knowing Brothers'

Headlines 03.21.17 | 04:30AM EDT

Henry reveals on 'Knowing Brothers' episode the excruciating reason why he's still single.

Henry Lau

Henry of Super Junior Deeply Moved By The Amazing Success Of His New Song ‘Girlfriend’

Trending News 03.21.17 | 02:10AM EDT

Henry of Super Junior is deeply moved and thereby thanked his fans for making his new song "Girlfriend" number one in the music charts.


Kyuhyun Flies For Hong Kong After Wrapping Up 'Super Junior - Kyuhyun Japan Tour 2017 ~One Voice~'

Trending News 03.17.17 | 05:30AM EDT

Kyuhyun has just finished his 'Super Junior - Kyuhyun Japan Tour 2017 ~One Voice~' in Japan and heads to Hong Kong for the tour's next leg.


Sungmin of Super Junior Says He Enjoys Stint in Army

Trending News 03.13.17 | 11:55AM EDT

Sungmin was invited as guest in the SBS Power FM's “Park Sun Young's Cinetown” wherein host DJ Park Sun Young asked Sungmin about army life, and Sungmin answered that he dreamed of being in the army and he enjoyed his stint in the army more than he imagined.

MC Boom, Leeteuk and Lee Hwi Jae at a Press Conference of MBC Every1 'Match Made in Heaven Returns'

Leeteuk of Super Junior Got His Number Leaked AGAIN! Begs Fans To Call Him On A Suitable Time

Headlines 03.02.17 | 02:58AM EST

Leeteuk had his private number leaked and begs fans to have mercy and call/message him on an appropriate time.

Kyuhyun will have his encore concert this April.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Will Have His Encore Concert In April To Complete His Tremendous Concert Series

Headlines 02.27.17 | 01:01AM EST

Kyuhyun will have his encore concert in April in Korea. Previously he has succeeded to hold several concerts in Japan and Korea.

Super Junior Comeback

Super Junior’s 2017 Comeback: New Album’s In The Making; Leeteuk Seeks Help From Fans To Tackle The Production Process

Trending News 02.22.17 | 11:09PM EST

Super Junior is getting ready to drop some cool music by the end of the year. Leeteuk and Yesung shared their enthusiasm about the anticipated comeback of this year.


Ryeowook Of Super Junior Writes Another Letter To Fans In English: Reveals Plans Of Writing New 'Sad' Song

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:14AM EST

Ryeowook sends another letter to his fans in English and reveals his plans for writing a new 'sad' song.

Super Junior

Shindong Unveils The Mystery Of Super Junior Members’ Dating History

Trending News 02.18.17 | 09:25PM EST

Shindong revealed his dating history and other Super Junior members' on an MBC show on February 15. On that show, it was revealed that Shindong and his fellows dated the girls from an idol group.

Henry Lau, Choi Siwon

Super Junior's Henry Lau Shares His Sweet Bromance With Siwon

Headlines 01.31.17 | 11:16AM EST

Henry Lau and Siwon pose for the camera showcasing their close friendship.

Super Junior

Super Junior Are Set To Make A Comeback This 2017!

Headlines 01.31.17 | 11:26AM EST

It's been over a year since people last heard of Super Junior but it is now confirmed that the iconic k-pop group is set to make a return this year.

Shindong's picture in his instagram.

Shindong Got Pranked in 'Secretly Greatly'; Showing Funny Reaction

Hot Issues 01.31.17 | 03:09AM EST

Shindong is soon to get shocked by the fact that he was pranked by Heechul. On Secretly Greatly, he didn't know what to do when Jinsol of APRIL sang the song off-pitch. His reaction to the next coming prank will be waited by fans.

Sungmin gave fans some love with his heart-pose during one of Super Junior's concerts.

Super Junior’s Sungmin Talks About His Military Service And Upcoming Musical

Stars on TV / Movies 01.30.17 | 11:35AM EST

E.L.F.s all over the globe must be glad that Super Junior's Sungmin is back in town. In a recent radio guesting, Sungmin shared about his experience in the military and his future projects.

 Sungmin with the rest of Super Junior's members arrive for the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards at the Olympic Park on January 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

Super Junior August Comeback All Set! Leader Leeteuk Talks About Past Struggles

Trending News 01.24.17 | 10:21AM EST

Super Junior heartwarmingly shared thoughts about his past in an interview. He also noted that the fans wish of their comeback are coming nearer.

Siwon of Super Junior arrives for the United Asian Film Night at the Chosun hotel during the 18th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) on October 6, 2013 in Busan, South Korea.

Super Junior's Siwon Is About To Lose Big Amount Of Money For Making Bad Investment

Hot Issues 01.18.17 | 08:34AM EST

Super Junior bought a building an Apgu-jeong with the price higher than usual. Making renovation and also loan some money, it turn out that the place is not really good for business. having no tenants until now, he is about to sell it with reduced price, making him lose money.

 Super Junior arrive for the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards at the Olympic Park on January 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

Super Junior Is About To Comeback With Their 8th Album Before The End Of The Yearar

Hot Issues 01.05.17 | 11:38AM EST

Super Junior will have their comeback and release their 8th album before the end of this year. It was told by Leeteuk at his tweet. They are waiting for Siwon and Eunyuk to release from atmy around July or August. After that, they will have an activity together as a group for the comeback.


Shindong Talked About His Army Days And His Favourite Girl Group On Radio Show

Headlines 01.04.17 | 12:43PM EST

Shindong recently appeared on a radio show with Kim Shin Young. He was asked about his leadership skills and which girl group was his favourite.

Tiffany, BoA, Jaejoong, iKON

K-POP Stars Who Had a Difficult Life Before Finding Fame

Headlines 12.31.16 | 05:28AM EST

Check out these stars who struggled in life before their rise to fame.

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