Super Junior

Super Junior releases tutorial and practice video for 'MAMACITA'

Trendz 10.29.14 | 12:50PM EDT

Super Junior have released a special dance tutorial and practice video for their 7th album 'MAMACITA' music video event!

Super Junior Siwon, No Shame Of Swollen Face "On My Way To Tokyo"

Buzz 10.29.14 | 03:10AM EDT

Super Junior's member Siwon took a self-camera photo with his swollen face.

Super Junior released MV for Evanesce

Trendz 10.28.14 | 09:07AM EDT

Super Junior has released another MV for their album This is Love,a special repackaged edition of the 7th album MAMACITA.

'M! Countdown' Super Junior Shows A Special Performance For Their Fans

Headlines 10.28.14 | 03:26AM EDT

Group Super Junior sang two new songs of their 7th album special edition.

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: VIXX Wins #1 On The October 26, 2014 Episode

Headlines 10.27.14 | 06:48AM EDT

VIXX won their third first place trophy on the October 26th episode of SBS' 'Inkigayo.'

Super Junior Makes A Comeback With A Classy Proposal Song 'This Is Love'

Headlines 10.27.14 | 01:58AM EDT

Group Super Junior released a new music video, "This Is Love."

Super Junior Heechul & TVXQ Changmin Looking Casual At Home "Our Fans Will Probably Get Sad"

Buzz 10.26.14 | 01:06PM EDT

Super Junior's member Heechul revealed an un-idol-like image with TVXQ's member Changmin.

5 K-Pop Collaborations We Want to See

Features 10.26.14 | 12:55PM EDT

It's now very obvious that K-Pop is spreading worldwide, and we want to see the Western collaborations to prove it.

'Music Bank' Highlights: VIXX Wins #1 On The October 24, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 10.25.14 | 10:36AM EDT

VIXX wins their second first place trophy on the October 24th episode of 'Music Bank.'

Wardrobe Inspection: A K-Pop Halloween!

Features 10.25.14 | 10:35AM EDT

Still trying to decide what to be for Halloween? Let these idols help you decide!

'M! Countdown' Highlights: Gaeko Beats VIXX And Wins #1 On The October 23, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 10.24.14 | 07:01AM EDT

Gaeko wins his first trophy on the October 23rd episode of 'M! Countdown.'

SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Shanghai 2014 [PHOTOS]

Concert / Performance 10.23.14 | 12:31PM EDT

SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Shanghai 2014 [PHOTOS]

SuperJunior released MV for This is Love

Trendz 10.23.14 | 07:00AM EDT

SuperJunior released MV for This is Love

Super Junior Heechul, Picture With Designer Park Sool Nyu 'Ancient Heechul'

Buzz 10.23.14 | 01:39AM EDT

Super Junior's member Heechul revealed a picture with the hanbok designer Park Sool Nyu.

Heechul And Yong Junhyung, Their Dynamic Meal Together

Buzz 10.23.14 | 01:38AM EDT

Group Super Junior's member Heechul revealed a picture taken with BEAST's member Yong Junhyung.

Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk, On A Fall Picnic 'Flower Pose'

Buzz 10.23.14 | 01:15AM EDT

Super Junior's members Eunhyuk and Donghae revealed a picture from their fall picnic.

Super Junior Look All Broken-Hearted In "This Is Love x Evanesce" Music Video Teaser

Headlines 10.22.14 | 07:09AM EDT

After the fun of "Mamacita," the boys of Super Junior take a turn for the melancholic.

Lee Teuk Clarifies With Fans, "I Always Considered My Communication With Fans Very Important"

Buzz 10.22.14 | 03:07AM EDT

Super Junior's member Lee Teuk explained himself about the discussion that his attitude changed after coming back from the army.

Super Junior Heechul Returns To Instagram After Short Hiatus Following Sungmin's Marriage Announcement

Headlines 10.21.14 | 12:42PM EDT

After Sungmin confirmed he's getting married in December, is Super Junior groupmate Heechul took a short hiatus from Instagram - but now he's back.

Super Junior teases fans with This is Love x Evanesce MV Teaser

Trendz 10.21.14 | 11:06AM EDT

Super Junior released the much awaited repackage album Music Video teaser that includes "This Is Love" and "Evanesce",

Super Junior To Release New Songs In Their Seventh Album Special Edition

Headlines 10.21.14 | 03:06AM EDT

Group Super Junior will release their official seventh album special edition THIS IS LOVE on October 27.

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