miss A Suzy Injures Her Ankle During Their Group's Beijing Concert

Hot Issues 04.14.14 | 08:36AM EDT


miss A Suzy Injures Her Ankle During Concert In China? "It Wasn't A Big Injury"

Headlines 04.13.14 | 04:09AM EDT

Girl group miss A's member Suzy injured her ankle during their concert in China.

GOT7’s First Reality Idol Show - Nichkhun & Suzy To Guest Star!

Stars on TV / Movies 04.12.14 | 04:22AM EDT

Rookie group GOT7 will be appearing on their own first ever real variety program.

Suzy, Blind Date With Good-Looking Tech Student? 'I Am A Man'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.11.14 | 03:14AM EDT

Suzy came out on 'I Am A Man'.

Cameo Appearance Here & There - How Do Dramas Use Idol Groups To Their Advantage?

Features 04.10.14 | 01:37AM EDT

Girl group activities know no bounds. Their activities range from their main music broadcasts to concerts, all kinds of events, fan signings, TV broadcasts, and even movie appearances.

K-Drama Crossover: America Discovers The Lure Of K-Dramas

Features 04.09.14 | 12:34PM EDT

Will mainstream America respond to the enthusiastic description of k-dramas found in an Entertainment Weekly story?

Female Idols Who Still Look Good Without Makeup

Features 04.09.14 | 03:07AM EDT

These stars still look just as beautiful with or without makeup.

miss A Suzy, Goddess In Red Lipstick "I Miss Everyone"

Buzz 04.09.14 | 02:20AM EDT

miss A's member Suzy showed off her goddess-like beauty.

miss A Suzy, Black Hair And Dark Red Lips 'Alluring Beauty'

Buzz 04.08.14 | 12:31AM EDT

miss A's member Suzy greeted her Chinese fans with a self-camera photo.

miss A Suzy, In Love With Black Hair? Smokey Eye Makeup + Black Hair Self-Camera

Buzz 04.02.14 | 11:58PM EDT

Suzy revealed eye makeup that matches her black hair.

miss A Suzy To Throw The First Ball For LA Dodgers Game On May 27

Buzz 04.01.14 | 07:33AM EDT

miss A member Suzy will be throwing the first ball at the LA dodgers game this May.

miss A Suzy, All-Black Self-Camera 'What's Wrong?'

Buzz 03.30.14 | 09:57PM EDT

miss A Suzy's all-black self-camera photos are catching much attention.

Suzy Comes Out On 'Global Homestay To Home'

Stars on TV / Movies 03.28.14 | 12:41AM EDT

Group miss A's member Suzy once again came out on "To Home".

Jun Ji Hyun Is The Most Desirable Model For Commercials

Stars on TV / Movies 03.26.14 | 02:11PM EDT

This month the "You Who Came From The Stars" actress tops the list of celebrities with commercial potential.

Suzy Comes Out On 'I Am A Man'

Stars on TV / Movies 03.22.14 | 02:50AM EDT

miss A's member Suzy made a surprise appearance on KBS 2TV pilot entertainment program "I Am A Man".

Who Is Kim Soo Hyun's Ideal Type?

Stars on TV / Movies 03.17.14 | 11:23AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun has made some puzzling statements about his love life but he is known to have a wicked sense of humor.

Females You'd Love to Bring Home to Mom and Dad

Features 03.16.14 | 11:52PM EDT

Females You'd Bring Home to Mom and Dad

miss A Suzy, Update Self-Camera 'Sexy Eye Makeup'

Buzz 03.14.14 | 02:49AM EDT

Girl group miss A's member Suzy revealed a self-camera photo.

8 Celebrities Not Kissing Back

Features 03.13.14 | 01:55AM EDT

8 Celebrities Not Kissing Back

Suzy's “Wind Wind Wind” Released for Free in Response to Kim Soo Hyun's Popularity

Headlines 03.12.14 | 02:37AM EDT

Bean Pole Outdoor stated that Suzy's "Wind Wind Wind", which served as the soundtrack for Bean Pole's music drama, will be freely dispersed throughout online music stores.

miss A's Suzy Sporting Casual Brand 'MLB'

Headlines 03.07.14 | 06:05AM EST


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