Top 5 Korean Stars We Would Most Like To Spend Christmas With

Top 5 Korean Stars We Would Most Like To Spend Christmas With

Trendz 12.20.14 | 11:44PM EST

Christmas time is here! In this most celebrated time of year, how great would it be to be with our cherished Korean stars? Find out who made it to the list of Korean stars we would most like to spend Christmas with.

Suzy at Bean Pole Fansigning Event

Affordable Fashion: Bae Suzy's Bean Pole Purse

Fashion & Style 12.17.14 | 08:06AM EST

Find out where to buy similar bags to miss A's Suzy's Bean Pole purse!

miss a suzy picture with 2pm junho

Suzy, With 2PM's Junho "Business Partner"

Buzz 12.14.14 | 08:04PM EST

Group miss A's member Suzy revealed a picture taken with 2PM's Junho.

Suzy Vs. Bora in pushBUTTON Gown

Fashion Face Off: Suzy Vs. Bora In PushBUTTON Gown

Fashion & Style 12.11.14 | 03:54PM EST

Sistar's Bora and miss A's Suzy wore the same pushBUTTON gown - but who wore it better?

2PM, 2AM, and the members of JYP Nation come together on the 'One Mic' live album.

Album Review: The Magic Of JYP Nation Is Captured On 'One Mic' Live [AUDIO]

Reviews 12.11.14 | 09:01AM EST

Fans of 2PM, 2AM, and miss A's Suzy will love the 'One Mic' album.

Kim Woo Bin For Ceci

13 Best Making-Of Videos For K-Pop Fashion Pictorials

Features 12.08.14 | 07:46AM EST

Fashion pictorials wouldn't be complete without making-of films, a hybrid video that's a combination of behind-the-scenes footage and fashion film editing. Here are some that shouldn't be missed.

EXO Miracles In December

K-Pop Mixtape: White Christmas Tunes

Features 12.08.14 | 07:39AM EST

As the Christmas season begins, here are some K-Pop songs to plug into to get you in the holiday spirit.

miss a suzy at fan autograph session

miss A's Suzy, Still Beautiful Even Despite Attacks Of Malicious Commenters

Headlines 12.08.14 | 12:21AM EST

Girl group miss A's member Suzy, who recently suffered from malicious commenters attacking her online, appeared at her fan autograph session.

Min & Irene for KStyle

miss A's Min Channels Beyonce In Choreography Video Ahead Of Mnet's 'K-Style' Season 3 Premiere

Headlines 12.03.14 | 09:10AM EST

miss A's, Min teases fans with a Beyoncé dance routine for the Season 3 Premiere of Mnet's 'K-Style.'

Tiffany and Suzy in Blumarine Fur Trimmed Dress

Affordable K-Pop Fashion: Tiffany & Suzy's Blumarine Dress

Fashion & Style 11.24.14 | 12:27AM EST

Find out where to buy a similar dress to the Blumarine designer one piece worn by Tiffany and Suzy.


Suzy Is In A Winter Wonderland For Roem's Winter Campaign

Headlines 11.20.14 | 07:51AM EST

A refreshingly cheerful Suzy is the star of fashion brand Roem's winter wear campaign!

JYP Entertainment Sues miss A Suzy's Anti-Fan

JYP Entertainment Sues miss A Suzy's Anti-Fan

Headlines 11.13.14 | 03:05AM EST

JYP Entertainment firmly stated that they sued miss A Suzy's anti-fan who has been leaving threatful comments to her.

suzy at malignant commenter

miss A Suzy, Comments Back To Malignant Commenter "You Want Me To Die"

Buzz 11.11.14 | 05:12AM EST

Girl group miss A's member Suzy commented at a malignant commenter.

Suzy-Soo Hyun

K-Pop Commercial Couples We Adore

Features 11.02.14 | 02:18PM EST

K-Pop idols are some of the most popular endorsement models in Asia - but as these recent ad campaigns have shown, two is always better than one!


Who Wore It Better? Suzy VS. Seohyun

Fashion & Style 10.29.14 | 07:57AM EDT

We've got two K-Pop goddesses strutting out the same majestic dress from clothing brand Blumarine's 2014 F/W Collection

suzy cute selfies

Suzy, Adorable Selfies 'Kiss + Flower Pose'

Buzz 10.24.14 | 12:57AM EDT

miss A's member Suzy showed off her cute side.

Miss A's Suzy Attends Panthere de Cartier 100th Anniversary Party

Miss A's Suzy Attends Panthere de Cartier 100th Anniversary Party - Oct 16, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Events 10.18.14 | 03:46PM EDT

Miss A's Suzy Attends Panthere de Cartier 100th Anniversary Party - Oct 16, 2014 [PHOTOS]

miss a suzy 9-cut selfie

miss A Suzy, Confident 9-cut Selfie With Funny Faces? 'Lovely'

Buzz 10.18.14 | 02:22AM EDT

miss A's member Suzy revealed a 9-cut selfie picture.

Rain in 'Ninja Assassin'

Movies Starring K-Pop Idols [Blog]

Stars on TV / Movies 10.13.14 | 12:55PM EDT

A list of movies starring K-pop idols.

Nine Muses' Sera

K-Pop Birthday Calendar: Which Korean Celebrities Celebrate In October?

Features 10.04.14 | 01:46PM EDT

Which of your favorite K-Pop idols have birthdays this month?

suzy clarifies income divisions

Miss A Suzy, "Our Income Is Not Divided Among Members..."

Hot Issues 10.04.14 | 01:12AM EDT

Girl group miss A's member Suzy talked about the profit divisions among members, referring to the discussion held on "Ssul Jeon".

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