Tao Costume

EXO's Tao Dons Fantasy Costumes For Video Game Promotional Photos

Headlines 05.21.15 | 12:23PM EDT

A video shows Tao dressing up in magician's robes and soldier's armor in his endorsement campaign for a new Chinese mobile game.


Tao Lands Endorsement Gig For Chinese Mobile Game

Headlines 05.21.15 | 10:59AM EDT

While taking a break from EXO activities to recuperate from a leg injury, Tao has signed a new solo endorsement deal.

EXO's Lay

EXO's Lay Pushes Through With Fan Event Despite Worsening Waist Injury

Hot Issues 05.20.15 | 08:46AM EDT

Despite aggravating a previous injury to his waist, Lay still met with 150 fans on May 19.


EXO's 'Exodus' Sets Billboard Record For Highest Ranking Korean Boy Band

Headlines 05.19.15 | 08:33AM EDT

The album has also been on the Top 10 of the World Albums chart for the past six weeks.

EXO Tao Exodus

Reports Of EXO's Tao Putting His Car In Korea Up For Sale Fuel Continuing Rumors Of His Departure From The Group

Hot Issues 05.14.15 | 09:30AM EDT

The dealer noted that the original owner of the white Maserati Granturismo Sport 4.7 MC was a famous idol.


EXO's Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg, And To Study?

Hot Issues 05.08.15 | 05:54PM EDT

Recent reports from Chinese media outlets document Tao landing in Los Angeles, apparently for treatment of his injured leg, but perhaps also to continue academic studies while on break from activities with EXO.


EXO Member Tao Changes His Instagram Name From ‘EXO-TAO' To 'Z.TAO’

Buzz 05.07.15 | 12:50PM EDT

Amidst rising rumors that Tao will leave EXO, the singer changed his Instagram name from EXO-TAO to Z.Tao.

EXO Tao Pathcode Photo

EXO's Tao Called Racial Slurs By Commenters After Removing The Band From His Instagram

Hot Issues 05.05.15 | 01:33PM EDT

As EXO fans continue to wait for official news on Huang Zi Tao's future with the group, public outrage has emerged on the Chinese rapper's Instagram.

EXO Tao Exodus

Tao Cries During Birthday Celebration Amidst Speculation He's Leaving EXO

Headlines 05.03.15 | 03:53PM EDT

The Chinese K-pop idol allegedly left EXO in April.

EXO's Baekhyun

K-Pop May Birthday Calendar

Headlines 05.02.15 | 07:58PM EDT

Which of your favorite K-pop idols will be turning a year older this month?

EXO Tao Pathcode Photo

EXO's Tao Gets Special Birthday Events From Fans In Both Korea And China

Headlines 04.28.15 | 06:57PM EDT

Just a few days away from his 22nd birthday, fans across Asia are gearing up for the special day by planning events in Tao's honor.

Suho - EXO

EXO's Suho Apparently Opens Personal Instagram Account

Buzz 04.28.15 | 12:02AM EDT

EXO's leader Suho is said to have finally joined his band mates on Instagram.


K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Tao Allegedly Leaves EXO, KCON Goes To Japan, Girls' Generation's Yuri Is Dating

Headlines 04.26.15 | 02:07PM EDT

This past week EXO lost a member, an international concert goes to Japan, and a Girls' Generation member is dating.

EXO's Tao

Tao Communicates With Fans For The 1st Time Since Alleged Departure From EXO

Hot Issues 04.26.15 | 02:02PM EDT

The EXO member was reported to have left the group due to health reasons, according to his father.

Tao in 'Call Me Baby' Comeback Video

EXO's Tao Injury Photos Circulate Online During Talks Of Exit From Group

Hot Issues 04.25.15 | 12:58PM EDT

In the wake of several rumors, it appears as though Tao may not be returning for the remainder of EXO's 2015 comeback.

All Eyes Are On Lay As Departure Of Tao From EXO Becomes More Probable

All Eyes Are On Lay As Departure Of Tao From EXO Apparently Becomes More Probable

Hot Issues 04.23.15 | 10:59AM EDT

With Huang Zi Tao's departure from EXO becoming a more likely scenario, all eyes are on the last remaining Chinese member of the popular K-pop boy band.

EXO's Lay

Alleged SM C&C Employee Tweets About Lay Leaving EXO As Singer Purges Instagram Account

Headlines 04.23.15 | 09:06AM EDT

Reports of Tao's departure from EXO were followed almost immediately by rumors about the departure of EXO's final remaining Chinese member.


[BREAKING] Tao's Father Reportedly Says Son Agrees To Leave EXO As SM Entertainment Confirms Dispute

Headlines 04.23.15 | 07:53AM EDT

Tao's father revealed he asked his son to leave EXO out of fears regarding the singer's health.

EXO's Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father

EXO's Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father, Adding Fuel To Viral Letter

Hot Issues 04.22.15 | 10:50AM EDT

After being absent from "Call Me Baby" promotions, rumors of Huang Zi Tao leaving SM Entertainment's EXO is growing after a letter has emerged claiming to be written by his father.

EXO Tao Exodus

[BREAKING] Chinese Media Reports Tao's Father Airs Grievances With SM Entertainment, Wants Son To Leave EXO

Headlines 04.22.15 | 10:45AM EDT

A letter allegedly written by the parent made it clear that Tao did not want to leave EXO, but that his father chose to pull him out due to health and other concerns.

EXO Call Me Baby MV Fashion

Tomboy Style: Get EXO's 'Call Me Baby' Look

Fashion & Style 04.22.15 | 08:25AM EDT

Find out where to buy a look inspired by EXO's "Call Me Baby" music video.

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