Tao Sheds Tears On Chinese TV Program While Describing Lonely Life In Korea

Hot Issues 07.28.15 | 08:30AM EDT

Estranged EXO member Tao cried while recounting his hardships as a Chinese idol living in South Korea.


Tao's Debut Music Video Blocked On YouTube By SM Entertainment

Headlines 07.27.15 | 10:08AM EDT

The music video for the solo debut of Huang Zitao (also known as Tao or Z.TAO,) estranged member of K-pop idol group EXO, was pulled from YouTube shortly after being released.

Tao's solo album cover

K-Pop Weekly Top 3: Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift Fued Draws 2NE1 Plagiarism Accusations, Tao Debuts As Soloist, GD&TOP Announce Comeback

Headlines 07.27.15 | 08:22AM EDT

The past week saw some interesting news from a variety of major idol groups.


Estranged EXO Member Z.Tao Drops Chinese Solo Debut Music Video For 'T.A.O'

Headlines 07.23.15 | 04:40PM EDT

The estranged member of EXO made his career change to China after leaving the K-pop act.

Tao Releases New Photo Teasers For Solo Debut

Z.Tao's Solo Debut Teaser Video Removed From YouTube By SM Entertainment

Headlines 07.23.15 | 12:52AM EDT

The estranged member of EXO is pursuing a solo career in China.

Tao Weibo Selfie

Inactive EXO Member Tao Thanks Fans For Support Before 'T.A.O.' Solo Album Release

Headlines 07.22.15 | 09:57AM EDT

The singer updated his personal Weibo account thanking fans for their support before the release of his first solo album "T.A.O."


Estranged EXO Member Tao Drowns In Dramatic Music Video Teaser For Upcoming 'T.A.O' Solo Album

Headlines 07.20.15 | 08:58AM EDT

A one-minute teaser for Tao's upcoming solo album under new name Z.TAO shows the idol drowning in the ocean.

Rap Monster of Bangtan Boys

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Death Threat At BTS Concert NYC, Tao Pursues Solo Career, Girls' Generation's 100th Win

Features 07.19.15 | 11:59PM EDT

The top stories from this past week include wins, losses, and confusing situations.

Kris and Luhan

6 Chinese Idols Who Have Left The K-Pop Industry

Features 07.18.15 | 12:06PM EDT

TASTY announced this week that they are planning to leave Woollim Entertainment, but they are far from the only entertainers who originally trained as K-pop stars then later left Korea to pursue careers in China.

Tao and Lay

Chinese Music Program Causes Controversy With EXO's Lay And Tao

Stars on TV / Movies 07.15.15 | 08:51AM EDT

Chinese channel Hunan TV have sparked confusion and controversy as Tao is confirmed for the program.

Tao Releases New Photo Teasers For Solo Debut

Tao Releases New Photo Teasers Ahead Of Solo Debut While Status In EXO Remains Unknown

Headlines 07.13.15 | 02:17PM EDT

The estranged member of EXO is pursuing a career in China as a soloist.

EXO's Tao Solo Prep

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Tao Prepares Solo Career, JYP Announces NewGirl Group, Girl's Day Apologize For Behavior

Headlines 07.13.15 | 09:17AM EDT

A popular idol announces his solo career, a new batch of aspiring stars is revealed, and one group issued a formal apology to fans.

EXO's Tao Solo Prep

EXO's Tao Reveals New Solo Debut Preparation Photos

Headlines 07.12.15 | 01:24AM EDT

According to reports, Tao has been spotted recording in his new solo studio in China in preparation for a solo album due out on July 13. A

Tao at Photo Time for 2013 Dream Concert

Tao Announces Solo Career In China As Status In K-Pop Group EXO Remains Uncertain

Headlines 07.10.15 | 02:43AM EDT

The K-pop idol announced an upcoming solo release in China despite his departure from EXO remaining unconfirmed.


Tao Removed From List Of EXO-M Members On Group's Official Facebook Page

Hot Issues 07.08.15 | 10:01AM EDT

SM Entertainment remains adamant that Tao's placement in EXO is still being negotiated, but perhaps the singer's name removal suggests the discussions aren't going well.

EXO Toy Line That Includes Tao To Be Released June 18

EXO Toy Line That Includes Tao To Be Released June 18

Hot Issues 06.17.15 | 02:38PM EDT

Despite not actively promoting with the group, fans are surprised to see Huang Zitao (Tao) included in an upcoming toy line featuring members of EXO.

EXO Tao Disneyland

EXO's Tao Spends A Fun Day At Disneyland Amid Growing Rumors Of Departure From Group

Hot Issues 06.16.15 | 09:29AM EDT

A heartwarming new photo showed Tao having a blast at Disneyland and happily posing with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

EXO on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

EXO Discuss How They Cope With Missing Members

Headlines 06.15.15 | 11:38AM EDT

On a recent episode of "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook," the remaining members of EXO explain how they handle conflicting schedules and group departures.

EXO's Sehun, Chen, Lay and Tao at KOLON SPORT 2014 F/W Fashion Show

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Tao To Leave EXO, Girls' Generation Confirm Comeback, Brown Eyed Girls Refute Disbandment Rumors

Features 06.14.15 | 09:05PM EDT

The past week in the K-pop world saw an end to a bunch of rumors relating to popular idol groups.

Tao in 'Call Me Baby' Comeback Video

SM Entertainment Says Talks With EXO's Tao Are Ongoing Amidst Alleged Departure

Headlines 06.12.15 | 09:45AM EDT

The company released a statement shortly after it appeared that Tao formally confirmed departure from EXO.

[BREAKING] EXO's Tao Announces Own Management Agency In China

[BREAKING] Tao Allegedly Signals End As Member Of EXO With News Of Huang Z. TAO Studio

Headlines 06.12.15 | 08:32AM EDT

The member of EXO seemingly confirmed his departure from the group.

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