Unexpected You

'Unexpected You' Cha Se Gwang Vs. 'A Gentleman's Dignity' Colin

Stars on TV / Movies 08.12.12 | 07:59PM EDT

KBS's "Unexpected You" and SBS's "A Gentleman's Dignity" are both hogging the love of audiences in Korea but they have one common factor: both feature members of the boy band CNBLUE.

Who Said CNBLUE was Jung Yong Hwa's Group?

Headlines 08.06.12 | 11:20AM EDT

All 4 members of CNBLUE have successfully become singers and actors. They have torn apart the 'Jung Yong Hwa's group' image by succeeding in acting all by themselves.

"Unexpected You" Shin Se Kyung to Make Cameo Appearance

Stars on TV / Movies 08.03.12 | 04:46AM EDT

Actress Shin Se Kyung will make a cameo appearance in the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You."

'Unexpected You' Cho Yun Hee Looking Adorable Eating Ice Cream!

Reviews 07.27.12 | 08:42PM EDT

Actress Cho Yun Hee from the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" has been spotted eating ice cream to escape the unbearable heat.

'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo "The New Romeo and Juliet"

Reviews 07.27.12 | 02:36PM EDT

CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk and actress Oh Yeon Seo are becoming one of the most romantic couples of this summer.

'Unexpected You' The Secret to Its Success!

Reviews 07.25.12 | 08:30PM EDT

What is the secret behind the incredible viewing rate of the KBS drama "Unexpected You?"

ZE:A- Juniel Shows an Outstanding Presence on Weekend Drama

Headlines 07.21.12 | 10:44AM EDT

ZE:A and Juniel performs a noticeable presence on weekend drama

CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk "Bang Mal Sook from Unexpected You' is Not My Style"

Reviews 07.20.12 | 02:23AM EDT

Kang Min Hyuk of the idol group CNBLUE revealed his thoughts about the character Bang Mal Sook from the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You."

CNBLUE Minhyuk Models for 'SURE' Magazine

Headlines 07.19.12 | 08:37AM EDT

CNBLUE Minhyuk discusses acting with 'SURE' Magazine

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin’s Successful Transformation from Idol to Actor

Stars on TV / Movies 07.17.12 | 11:24AM EDT

CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin has stepped up to being the next well-rounded star to emerge from the band. With his recent cameo in 'My Husband Got a Family', his plans to take on acting as a follow up to his modeling activities met with huge success.

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin, Gives 'Unexpected You' 40% Watch Rating at Once!

Stars on TV / Movies 07.16.12 | 07:53AM EDT

Drama 'Unexpected You' made the record of reaching 41.9% rating.

"Unexpected You" CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk Gets Jealous When Oh Yeon Seo Dates Someone New

Reviews 07.12.12 | 01:50PM EDT

CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk becomes jealous when he finds out Oh Yeon Seo is dating someone new!

'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk Breaks Up With Oh Yeon Seo

Reviews 07.02.12 | 04:38PM EDT

Oh Yeon Seo takes out her anger at Kim Nam Joo after her breakup with Kang Min Hyuk

'Unexpected You' Total of 8 More Episodes Added!

Reviews 06.29.12 | 09:07PM EDT

The drama 'Unexpected You' was extended due to its popularity

'Unexpected You' The Most Popular Drama!

Reviews 06.27.12 | 03:28PM EDT

The KBS drama 'Unexpected You' received the most viewing rate of 33.4%!

'Unexpected You' Gwak Dong Yeon Underestimates CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk's Intelligence!

Reviews 06.25.12 | 10:28PM EDT

CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk's competence is questioned by 'dumb & dumber'.

'Unexpected You' Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo Get Caught Kissing!

Reviews 06.25.12 | 09:04PM EDT

While Mal Sook and Se Gwang share a secret kiss, they get caught by Yun Hee!

'Unexpected You' and 'Love Rain' Unbelievable Popularity in Hallyu!

Stars on TV / Movies 06.23.12 | 02:48PM EDT

Korean dramas in Hallyu!

CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk & Lee Jong Hyun - 50% Viewing Rate Combined!

Reviews 06.19.12 | 10:53PM EDT

CNBLUE members are taking over the drama industry!

'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk - 'Will You Pick College or Singer IU?'

Reviews 06.12.12 | 11:38AM EDT

CNBLUE member Kang Min Hyuk has met his match in the KBS drama 'Unexpected You'

'Unexpected You' Romance Between CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo Rekindled!

Reviews 06.11.12 | 11:35PM EDT

In the KBS2 drama 'Unexpected You', CN Blue member Kang Min Hyuk and actress Oh Yeon Suh hug at a club

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