K.Will and Jewelry's Yewon to Host Talk Show “M Countdown Begins”

Headlines 04.15.14 | 12:56AM EDT

Singer K.Will and Jewelry's Yewon will host Mnet's new program "M Countdown Begins".

Jewelry Yewon With Long Hair 'Cute'

Buzz 04.09.14 | 01:40AM EDT

Girl group Jewelry's member Yewon put her long hair down, revealing her feminine charm.

Jewelry Yewon, Seductive Charm As 'Beauty Icon'

Fashion & Style 02.21.14 | 01:59AM EST

Girl group Jewelry's member Yewon rose as the new 'beauty icon.'

Baek Ji Young Appears As Guest On ‘Witch Hunt’

Stars on TV / Movies 02.14.14 | 05:08AM EST

Baek Ji Young made a guest appearance on JTBC's "Witch Hunt" and shared her stories.

'Bagel-Girl' Jewelry Yewon Shares Lovely 4-Shot Selfie

Buzz 01.16.14 | 02:37AM EST

Girl group Jewelry's member Yewon revealed a cute self-camera photo.

'Radio Star' Jewelry Yewon Talks About Her Stomach Fat? "My Nickname Is Measly Stomach Fat"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.10.14 | 12:13AM EST

Girl group Jewelry's member Yewon talked about her stomach fat.

Jewelry Yewon, Flawless Skin On Makeupless Face

Buzz 01.07.14 | 03:13AM EST

Girl group Jewelry's Yewon revealed her flawless skin despite her makeupless face.

Jewelry's Yewon Updates Her Twitter Fans About Her Absence

Buzz 12.23.13 | 08:04AM EST


Jewerly Yewon Reveals Picture with the Group in Shanghai

Buzz 11.15.13 | 03:38AM EST

Girl group Jewelry's member Yewon revealed a picture taken in Shanghai with her members.

Jewelry Yewon, "There Are Idols That Ask Out Several Girls At Once"

Stars on TV / Movies 11.02.13 | 03:44AM EDT

Girl group Jewelry's member Yewon revealed the pattern of idols asking out girl group members.

Jewelry States, ‘Eat Delicious Food Now, Diet Later’ [Korean Thanksgiving Interview]

Interviews 09.19.13 | 09:54AM EDT

The girl group Jewelry appeared for an interview in traditional Korean dresses

Jewelry YeWon and Girls' Generation Hyoyeon, Friendship Like No Other

Hot Issues 08.14.13 | 03:07AM EDT

Impressive photo taking skills of Jewelry's Yewon get appreciated by Hyoyeon

ZE:A Kwanghee-Jewelry Yewon Not Worried About Scandals? "It Would Have Happened Already"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.13.13 | 07:27AM EST

Kwanghee and Yewon talked about scandals being written by them.

Jewelry Yewon is Bright Even At a Hospital?

Buzz 02.01.13 | 03:56PM EST

Girl group Jewelry's Yewon revealed her daily life.

YeWon-MinHyuk Bag Hug, 'Magnet Hug' Look Like a Real Couple

Stars on TV / Movies 01.14.13 | 04:00AM EST

Jewelry's YeWon and BTOB's Minhyuk showed affection through a back hug.

Jewelry Yewon, Innocent Self-Camera Photo "Do I Look Like a Lady?"

Buzz 01.10.13 | 04:24AM EST

Girl group Jewelry's Yewon revealed a self-camera picture that revealed her innocent side.

Minhyuk Shares About the Real Personality of Jewelry Yewon

Interviews 01.08.13 | 01:31AM EST

Minhyuk revealed the real personality of Jewelry's Yewon.

Jewelry Yewon Wears Huge Ribbon, 'Cute and Flirty'

Buzz 12.20.12 | 03:04PM EST

Jewelry member Yewon revealed a cute picture with a ribbon in her hair.

Jewelry Kim Yewon, Cute Wink+Bullet of Love

Buzz 12.14.12 | 06:47AM EST

Group Jewelry's Kim Yewon revealed a cute picture of her winking and shotting a bullet of love.

Jewelry Yewon Reveals a Cute Self-Cam Holding a Spoon

Buzz 12.06.12 | 02:41PM EST

Girl group Jewelry member Yewon's spoon self-cam picture was revealed.

'Invincible Youth 2' to Discontinue Last Episode will Air on November 17

Stars on TV / Movies 11.05.12 | 06:00PM EST

News of discontinuing "Invincible Youth 2" is drawing out a sense of sorrow.

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