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Yoo In Na's Body Seen From Above, "Voluptuous"

July 04, 2012 08:39 PM EDT

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Yoo In Na Volume / Credit: Yoo In Na Volume

Recently on an online forum, a video titled, "Surprisingly Voluptuous Yoo In Na When Seen From Above" was posted.

The video was shot during her drama shooting. Yoo In Na's seen in a tight peach-colored dress with a white cardigan, fully displaying her feminine appeal.

Especially due to the angle of the camera, Yoo In Na's glamorous body was more defined.

Viewers responded, "I wonder how Yoo In Na takes care of her body," "She acts cute and she has a good body- no wonder Ji Hyun Woo likes her," and "I should diet, too."

Yoo In Na has been collecting much attention from viewers due to her public relationship with Ji Hyun Woo; the two have been seen in open places, and have even gone to IU's concert together.

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