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K-Pop Double-Take: Idiotape Blends Rock And EDM With Ease On 'With The Flow' [VIDEO]

By Colin Langenus | July 29, 2014 01:16 PM EDT

K-Pop Double-Take is an occasional column highlighting recent releases that have yet to receive the attention we feel they deserve.

When Seoul-based electronic prog band Idiotape recently released their song "With The Flow" back in March, it revealed a band that has found their sound.

What I like about Idiotape's music is their innovative combination of rock and electronic dance music (EDM), a style on clear display on "With The Flow."

Idiotape is not a producer's studio creation. They are a real band featuring drummer DR, keyboardist Zeze, and live mixer DGURU.

In their music, they fuse straight ahead house music with prog rock elements in such a way that you don't really notice the juxtaposition. On "With The Flow", a riff with an odd time signature is placed over a straight house beat to great effect.

I find it interesting and exciting that the video for "With The Flow" takes place in America.

It seems that Idiotape is setting their sights on the USA. And they should. This is a unique and quality band that has put in the work for years, and with an American tour already in 2014, they are standing on the verge of breaking through to a whole new audience.

Shot in Los Angeles's famed Venice Beach, the video for "With The Flow" was beautifully directed by Eddie Sooyoung Chae.

The main character of the video is an eccentric homeless man who wears a psychedelic lion head while walking the streets of LA. He comes across a group of children, and while the majority run away, one "weird" little girl stays behind, intrigued by the strange lion headed visionary.

Idiotape seems to want to convey in this clip that their music is for the outsiders, not the masses.

Though some of the ingredients in their sound may tread on well-worn terrain, the way this outfit puts them together is a sight to behold.

Check out the music video for Idiotape's "With The Flow" RIGHT HERE

Colin Langenus is a guitarist and songwriter in several groups including Colin L. Orchestra, CSC Funk Band and Usaisamonster. He also produces and engineers music at his recording studio in Brooklyn. 

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