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Goo Joon Yup and Mighty Mouth Sangchu are "Real Doppelgangers"

July 09, 2012 01:36 PM EDT

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Goo Joon Yup and Mighty Mouth's Sangchu took a photo together.

On July 7, Goo Joon Yup posted on his Twitter "'Shorry said, I think you and Sangchu look really alike' haha. Sangchu, you and I must be from the same ancestor," along with a photo.

In the revealed photo are Goo Joon Yup and Sangchu standing shoulder-to-shoulder, posing while wearing dark cropped pants. With their tan skin, muscular arms, and charismatic faces, most would believe that they are twins. Except Goo Joon Yup's striped socks makes him stand out a bit more when it comes to fashion sense.

Those who saw the photo commented "Their height and figures are similar", "Goo Joon Yup has more presence", and "I'm gonna make you dance."

Photo Credit: Goo Joon Yup Twitter

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