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Chi-Chi Shine's Outstanding Art Talent

July 12, 2012 09:49 PM EDT

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Shine Artist / Credit: Shine Artist

Chi-Chi's Shine reveals her high-tier art skills. 

Recently Shine tweeted, "I'm so happy so many people wished me a happy birthday~~!! <3 To show my thanks I'm posting something I sketched when I was 16!" The photo she posted was of a very impressive sketch portrait.

The artwork is a pencil sketch of a midieval-times lady wearing a huge hat with a flower attached to it. The detail in the facial features is outstanding. The shading especially makes it seem like an actual photo.

Viewers commented, "It looks like an actual photo!," "She's not just a pretty face. She can draw," and, "She is the ultimate idol artist." They also wrote, "She's the idol version of Shin Yuk Bok, (famous artist)," "What is she not good at! Life's not fair..." Some wrote, "She drew that when she was 16?" and, "Didn't know it was Shine's birthday. Happy birthday!"

Chi-Chi Shine stands with other star artists like actor Ha Jung Woo, who recently held his own exhibit. There's also Rainbow Jaekyung, Girls Day, Yura, and A Pink Naeun, who are together known as, "Idol Top Three Artists." Shine turns heads as she displays her remarkable talent.

Shine is the newest member of Chi-Chi. She made her appearance through Chi-Chi's new song, "Love is Energy." Shine is loved by fans for her innocent yet sexy femininity.

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