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Rookie Idol Group Big Star Celebrates Debut With Self-Cam Photos

July 13, 2012 11:05 AM EDT

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big star / Credit: internet

Rookie idol group Big Star revealed two adorable self-cam photos of them celebrating their debut stage for "Hot Boy" and thanking the fans.

The photos show Big Star showing off their glamorous cakes provided by their fans with the comment, "Hot Boy debut stage. Cuteness confirmed." 

Big Star's leader FeelDog revealed his thoughts on his me2day, "We are so thankful to the fans for presenting us with these beautiful cakes and delicious rice cakes. Although we were nervous for our first debut stage, we gained strength from our fans who came out to support us!! Tune in for our 'Music Bank' debut stage! We ask for your support!!!"

Their happy and cute expressions showed a different side from their charismatic debut performance shown on the latest broadcast of Mnet "M! Countdown."

Internet users commented, "Although you guys must have been nervous on your debut stage, your performance was awesome", "I love your songs!" and "Congrats on your debut!"

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