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KARA Kang Ji Young "Mysteriously Sexy" Self-Camera Photo

July 15, 2012 03:05 PM EDT

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KARA Kang Ji Young / Credit: Kang Ji Young Twitter

KARA member Kang Ji Young's radiant beauty shines through wherever she goes.

On July 14, Kang Ji Young updated her personal Twitter page stating, "Listening to music with thick red noodles," and included a self-camera photo to her post.

In the photo she included in her post, Kang Ji Young is wearing a semi-see-through grey T-shirt while listening to music in the car with her red and black earphones that she refers to as the "thick red noodles."

While posing for the photo, Kang Ji Young is making a cute expression on her face, puffing up one side of her cheeks. Her porcelain-like skin, pointy nose, and gorgeous eyes drew attention in the online community.

People who saw Kang Ji Young's self-camera photo responded with comments like, "Pretty," "Goddess," "What are you listening to?," and "Mysteriously sexy."

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