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Secret Ji Eun, Reveals Her "Luxurious Body Line" In A Cute Photo With Zinger

July 19, 2012 01:35 AM EDT

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ji eun / Credit: zinger

Secret Song Ji Eun revealed her luxurious body line in an ironically cute picture.

On July 18, Song Ji Eun posted on her Twitter, "Good night everyone~~~~ Off to dreamland^___^," along with a picture. In the photo, Song Ji Eun is making a cute and silly pose with her fellow member Zinger.

Zinger commented on the picture, "I have my rights to pictures that have me in it, why don't you get permission from me before putting it up?^________^+". To this, Song Ji Eun said, "I'm sorry ^____^;;", bringing laughter to their fans.

Interner users who saw this commented, "Both are so cute," "Where are you guys?," "Off to dreamland~," "Ji Eun is so cute," and "I miss Secret."

Photo Credit: Ji Eun Twitter

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