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2AM Jinwoon Shows off the Gift He Received from Girls' Generation(SNSD) Seohyun

July 19, 2012 08:19 AM EDT

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2AM Jinwoon showed off a gift he received from Girls' Generation Seohyun.

On July 19, he posted on his Twitter "Wow, friends are the best," along with the following photo. In the photo is the gift Seohyun has given to Jinwoon upon his departure from Korea to film SBS "Laws Of The Jungle 2."

The gift was none other than health functional foods. In the hand written note, Seohyun had written "My precious friend Jinwoon. Please be healthy as you go to the jungle! I applaud you on your adventure. Jung Jinwoon! Fighting! -Seohyun."

Those who saw the photo commented "They are such sweet friends," "Makes me jealous," "I'm so jealous, the youngest of the groups are so sweet," and "I know being jealous is losing but I can't help it."

Photo Credit: Jinwoon's Twitter

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