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T-ARA Hyomin Takes a Sexy Picture For the New Drama, "The Thousandth Man"

July 19, 2012 02:01 PM EDT

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T-ARA Hyomin's doll-like beauty is becoming a hot topic.

On July 19, Hyomin posted on her twitter, "Hello. I'm the star of 'The Thousandth Man'. My name is 'Gu Mimo'. What do you think of my name? I once seduced up to 1,000 men as a former gumiho," along with a photo.

Hyomin shows off her sexy looks with her bright red lips and her scary but captivating eyes, through a close up face shot.

Hyomin is currently starring as a gumiho (9 tailed fox) in her upcoming drama, "The Thousandth Man," hence the reference to 'gu mimo' (Mimo means beauty). A gumiho can transform into a beautiful woman and seduce men to eat their livers in order to turn into a human being.

Internet users commented, "Hyomin, please marry me", "She's so pretty" and "How can a person be so pretty."

Hyomin is busy promoting T-ARA's new single, Day by Day and also starring in the upcoming drama, "The Thousandth Man."

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