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INFINITE Interviews with Cosmopolitan, 'All 7 Members Want to Be Together Forever'

July 19, 2012 03:16 PM EDT

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Popular idol group INFINITE was chosen to pose for the August issue of Cosmopolitan.

When asked if they were tired from their busy schedule, they commented that due to their fans support they were not tired at all. They were so thankful that their concert tickets sold out in 15 minutes, showing their popularity.

Member Hoya commented, "Our leader Sunggyu is very responsible and strong. The only thing would be that he kind of talks with a lisp." Youngest member Sungjong commented, "I was scared of him at first but not now. Sometimes he would joke around to make the situation better, but sometimes he would go too overboard."

When asked about having a girlfriend, Woohyun commented, "All of us are very shy so we would never be able to approach a girl we like. We are very busy anyway so we hold on with our fan's love and support."

When asked about their dreams, they commented, "We want all the seven members to continuously make music, stay and grow together." 

INFINITE's photo shoot can be seen in the August issue of Cosmopolitan.

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