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IU, Filming For Ad 'The Shirt is Too Big On Me'

July 19, 2012 03:43 PM EDT

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IU, Filming For Ad 'The Shirt is Too Big On Me' / Credit: 11th Street Blog

Singer IU showed off her various charm at the advertisement filming set.

IU, who recently was chosen as the model for 11th Street, was revealed through filming pictures on July16 through the 11th Street blog.

In the pictures, IU is pulling off many different concepts, showing off her trademark cuteness. She wore her hair to the sides in a school uniform, turning into a cute student, or wore a white blouse with a black skirt, pulling off the office look.

She also wore white shorts with striped t-shirt, but because of her thin body, the shirt was too big on her, so she had to pin it.

Internet users who saw the photos commented, "She's cute no matter what she does," "So fresh," "I really like the pictures of IU this time," "If non-edited pictures are like that, how good would she look in real life," and "IU still looks the best in school uniform."

Photo Credit: 11th Street Blog

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