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Jung Joon Ha Gives News of Filming For 'Infinite Challenge' Through Silly Tweet

July 19, 2012 04:00 PM EDT

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Entertainer Jung Joon Ha showed his happiness for returning to the filming set of "Infinite Challenge."

On July 18, Jung Joon Ha posted on his twitter, "Here we go, Infinite Challenge", and at this, the Infinite Challenge member Haha replied, "Stay still, hyung (older brother). If you don't watch your mouth, you're going to get in trouble by Jae Suk."

Jung Joon Ha then said, "Was today okay?", and Haha replied, "Hyung! You are seriously really funny."

Internet users who saw this commented, "I finally get to watch Infinite Challenge," "Just watching their tweets is getting me excited," and "It's okay if you get in trouble by Yoo Jae Suk, give us more update from the filming set."

"Infinite Challenge" finished the long pause of 24 weeks and finished their opening filming on July 18.

Photo Credit: Jung Joon Ha's Twitter

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