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Ailee's Amazing Super Diet, Is Eating Just Tomato and Broccoli That Effective?

July 19, 2012 05:54 PM EDT

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Singer Ailee has been dieting and the results are showing. 

Recently on an online forum, "Dieting Ailee," was posted.

In the photo were seen comedian Kim Won Hyo's me2Day photo along with Ailee's own twitter self-photo.

Ailee's currently on a diet where she's only allowed to eat broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Seeing Ailee's face in both of the photos showed her hard efforts have paid off. In the photo of Ailee and Kim Won Hyo, Ailee's face is maybe half the size of Kim Won Hyo's.

Viewers commented, "Ailee got the full effect of the diet. I'm really jealous," "After her major weight loss, she got prettier," and, "I should go on a diet, too."

Photo Credit: Kim Won Hyo's me2day, Ailee's Twitter

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