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CHI CHI Member Shine Proves Herself To Be a Big Fan Of 'Infinite Challenge'

July 20, 2012 01:55 PM EDT

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Rookie girl group CHI CHI member Shine proved herself to be a big fan of MBC "Infinite Challenge."

Recently on her twitter, Shine posted, "I'm so glad that 'Infinite Challenge' will be starting again soon. I drew the members of 'Infinity Challenge' in celebration. How is it? Does it look like them?" along with a hand-drawn caricature of the seven members.

In the photo, Shine's personal drawing of each member can be seen with their own distinctive traits. The resemblence of the drawing to the members is canny. Also, the message 'FOREVER' included with the drawing shows her excitement for the TV program that is about to begin after 24 long weeks of break due to a temporary strike.

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