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Belgian Justin Bieber Ian Thomas In ‘LoveX4’ With Tiny-G

By Lily James | September 18, 2014 09:04 AM EDT

Ian Thomas, who has been dubbed as the 2nd Justin Bieber, collaborated with K-pop girl group Tiny-G for the remix of the digital single album "LoveX4."

In April, the Belgian singer made his way to Korea to work on the project with the three-member idol group along with Michael Jackson's former manager Marc Schaffel and Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, according to the Korean publication Hangkyung Entertainment.

Ian Thomas gained international fame via YouTube as videos of his live practice sessions began going viral. He recently signed with Universal Record and ranked No. 1 on music charts in Belgium, winning him his popular nickname.

Thomas was also featured on the Snoop Dogg, Lance Bass track "Walking On Air," which topped the iTunes charts soon after its release.

Like Ian Thomas, Tiny-G is relatively new to the entertainment industry. The group consists of members Dohee, J Min and Mint.

Their name stands for "Tiny Giant" because "even though they're small with an average height of 153cm, they are strong and fierce like giants," according to Allkpop.

Although Tiny-G has yet to gain mainstream popularity, the trio has a devoted following as they're known for being one of Korea's few female hip-hop groups, according to the website 24-7Kpop. The group released their comeback song over the summer with their track "Ice Baby."

During the course of their two-year debut, Tiny-G has gone through their ups and downs as their fourth member, Myungji, decided to leave the group to focus on her acting career this summer.

There had reportedly been speculation that Myungji was leaving the group because she was becoming too tall for the group's concept of being "small and strong," but the trio's management agency GnG Production shut down the rumors.

"Myungji expressed that she wants to officially go into acting to expand on her passion that she's had since her child actress and commercial days. Myungji's decision to leave was made after discussing it fully with the agency and other Tiny-G members, and we respect and cheer on her decision," GnG production said in a statement. 

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