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Girls' Generation(SNSD) Transforms Bed Advertisement into Wedding Pictorial?

July 25, 2012 09:54 AM EDT

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snsd / Credit: internet

Girls' Generation members show off their 9 dresses for fashion showdown.

Girls' Generation is the endorsement models for 'Ace Bed' and for this advertisement, the members show off their individual beauty, by wearing nine different dresses.

Wearing a bold red dress Yuri is in the center, Yoona stands next to her in a pure white dress showing off her innocent image. Seohyun is seen wearing a long blue dress, and in contrast, Sooyoung wears a mini dress which emphasizes her long legs. Hyoyeon, to match her lively personality, wears an interestingly designed outfit with a criss-crossed outer layer. Rather than a bed advertisement, they make it seem more like a wedding pictorial.

Internet users commented, "It's a good quality advertisement," and, "It feels like the advertisement is saying that I will get those dresses if I buy the beds."

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