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GoPro Hero4 Release Date Might Take Place Next Year; Polaroid Launches $99-Alternative, Will It Become The Next Raved About Action Camera?

By Audrey Woods | September 27, 2014 06:45 AM EDT

As October draws near, it appears that rumors of GoPro Hero4 release date being pushed to next year are feasible. Despite predictions of analysts that having an early GoPro Hero4 release date will do wonders for the company's sales, the manufacturer of the famed camera remains mum. For this reason, Polaroid has temporarily stolen the spotlight with its new camera, the Cube.

Polaroid's Cube camera is an HD action-video camera relatively priced lower than the GoPro Hero cameras at $99.

Polaroid Chief Executive Officer Scott Hardy recognized the success of GoPro but he implied that Polaroid created the new camera for those who wouldn't shell out much for a gadget: "GoPro has done an incredible job building a new category in the digital imaging space. But when we look at that market, we think it can be much bigger by not just targeting the professional and amateur and aspirational thrill-seekers but going after more of the lifestyle segments."

The company teamed up with Ammunition for the camera's design. Ammunition can likewise be credited for the iconic look of the Beats headphones. The Polaroid Cube camera is far from intimidating with its black rubberized appearance.

The water-resistant camera is also meant to be dropped because of its shock-absorbent skin. "You're not going to be afraid to hand it to a toddler," said Ammunition's senior industrial designer, Gregoire Vandenbussche.

Using the camera is easy because of its single button on top. Pressing the button once will capture images whereas pressing the button twice will shoot videos. An unassuming door in the camera's back, which can be unscrewed with a coin, contains the memory card, a micro USB port both for charging and downloading, as well as a switch which will allow users to set resolution between 720p or 1080p.

Accessories can similarly be purchased for the Polaroid Cube camera although it already contains a magnet on the bottom part which would attach to metal surfaces.

"We've always been about helping people capture and share life's memorable moments easily," added CEO Hardy.

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