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Kim Soo Hyun, Caught in London Supporting for Park Tae Hwan

July 31, 2012 03:01 PM EDT

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    kim soo hyun / Credit: kim soo hyun

    Kim Soo Hyun was caught on camera in London, catching attention from his fans.

    Actor Kim Soo Hyun went to London with Samsung Laptop Series9 '9 to London' cheer crowd for 5 days.

    The cheer group and Kim Soo Hyun attended the swim 400m match to support the Korean national swimmer Park Tae Hwan. When Park Tae Hwan put on the silver medal on his neck, Kim Soo Hyun and the cheer group gave warm applause.

    After the match, they also had tea time. Kim Soo Hyun shook the hands of every fan that visited him at the tea time, and held a short photo time with them.

    Photo Credits: Newsen

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