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T-ARA Hwayoung was Dragged to Office and Forced to Write Her Tweet?

July 31, 2012 08:48 PM EDT

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t-ara / Credit: t-ara

With T-ARA's past member Hwayoung having written a message on her twitter, the crowd has been saying that she was taken to the office and forced to write it.

Today, Hwayoung posted on her twitter, "I'm sorry for bringing disappointment to the fans that's shown me love until now. Please stop now, and please expect a better and more mature me. Sorry for all the worries and concerns until now. I want to apologize to Core Contents Media family as well. I will be coming back as a better me."

But a few internet users on August 1st posted a picture in the T-JinYo cafe of two girls in a dark alley. Internet users have been claiming this to be Hwayoung going into the office building of Core Contents Media.

But the revealed picture only shows the back of two girls from far away, and there is no proof that the girl in the picture is Hwayoung or that they are walking into the office.

Some have also claimed, "The other girl standing next to her is Hyoyoung, and she was supporting Hwayoung because of her leg."

Photo Credits: T-Jin-Yo Cafe

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