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Who Are the Top 6 Youngest "Looking" Idols? 2NE1, Girls' Generation, 2PM, And Etc...

August 01, 2012 04:54 AM EDT

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idols mistaken as youngest / Credit: idols mistaken as youngest

Recently on an online forum, a post titled, "Idol Stars Mistaken as the Youngest" was seen photos of the main six idols this pertains to.

The first is BEAST member Yang Yo Seop. He turned 23 this year. He's been mistaken as the youngest member due to his small round face and overall cute image. Next is Sandara Park of 2NE1. Though she's 29, her super young looks keep many confused about her age in the group.

Another idol is T-ARA's oldest member Boram. Her small stature makes people think she's the youngest. 2PM Wooyoung, though older than the youngest member Chansung by a year, is mistaken many times. KARA Han Seung Yeon is six years older than the youngest member Jiyoung, however, they still look like friends.

Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon also has a face that looks far younger than her actual age.

Viewers commented, "Wow" and "I didn't know they were that age!" They also wrote, "Those that are thought to be the youngest all look young for their age." 

Photo Credit: Online Community

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