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T-JinYo to Protest in Front of T-ARA Agency on August 4!

By Staff Writer | August 02, 2012 08:25 AM EDT

T-JinYo to Protest in Front of T-ARA Agency on August 4!
T-JinYo to Protest in Front of T-ARA Agency on August 4! (Photo : d)

'T-JinYo' is an anti-fan cafe that was made after the announcement of Hwayoung's withdrawal from the group T-ARA. 'T-JinYo' means 'We demand the truth from T-ARA'. This anti-fan cafe has now decided to take action not only online but offline.

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It was announced on the 'T-JinYo' website on August 1 that they will be protesting in front of Core Contents Media on August 4 at 5 PM.

The title of the post read, 'We will protest in front of Core Contents Media on August 4 at 5 PM'. The message read, "This is a legal protest in that we have already received consent from the police."

'T-JinYo's' goal for this protest is not to reveal the truth about Hwayoung's dismissal, but rather to protest about the bad image and representation of idol groups that have effected young children who watch them.

'T-JinYo' has already received consent from the police and has gathered about 100 people to protest.

Currently, they have 336,800 members in the group.

Core Contents Media on the other hand have stated that it was not due to bullying that Hwayoung has been withdrawn but her rash behaviors. They also hope that T-ARA can mature and learn from this experience.

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