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T-ARA, 'Bullying' Evidence Even in Japanese Newspaper? 'Hwayoung Walking Separately'

August 03, 2012 05:11 AM EDT

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T-ARA, 'Bullying' Evidence Even in Japanese Newspaper? 'Hwayoung Walking Separately' / Credit: Online Community

With Hwayoung leaving T-ARA, the Japanese newspaper article regarding T-ARA is becoming an issue.

Recently on an online community,  a picture was posted under the title 'T-ARA bullying controversy, even in Japanese newspaper'.

The picture was of Japanese Tokyo Sports newspaper, and it contained an article about T-ARA. The article reads, "Korea's number one hit group T-ARA, dismantling..."

The picture of T-ARA members that was shown along with the article was also eye-catching. In the picture, Hwayoung is not walking with other T-ARA members, but by herself on the side.

Internet users who saw this commented, "National embarrassment," "They got a picture taken like this in Japan too?" "Why is Hwayoung walking alone?," and "Do girls usually try to walk separately from the rest of the group?."

Photo Credit: Online Community

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