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Girls Generation Startling Confession "There's a member who doesn't gain weight no matter what she eats"

By Jun-ki Yu | December 08, 2011 09:34 AM EST

Girls Generation appeared as guests on Mnet's 'The Beatles Code', hosted by Jong-Shin Yoon and Se-yoon Yoo, where they talked openly about the recent hot topic of their diet. The show will air on Friday, December 9, at 12 AM (Thursday night).

Being the international stars that they are, they are frequently the topic of discussions. Most recently, a hot topic has been the issue that 'Girls Generation members don't diet.'

On the show, MCs Jong-Shin Yoon and Se-yoon Yoo asked, "Is it true that Girls Generation members don't gain weight no matter what they eat? You don't diet at all?"

At this, Girls Generation members replied, "We eat everything we like and don't really eat what we don't like. We're like normal people. We're not the type that don't gain weight no matter what we eat. But Yoona and Sooyoung are the exceptions. It seems like they don't gain weight even when they eat a lot. Especially Yoona, she doesn't gain weight or get bloated." This statement caused an uproar in the studio.

When asked to point out a member who loves eating rice, all eight members pointed to Yoona and revealed, "Sooyoung and Yoona both like Korean food, but Yoona especially likes rice. She likes having the whole table setup with different dishes."

They also spoke honestly about whether they were ever jealous or envious of other members. Taeyeon spoke up about a time when she envied the youngest member Seohyun, saying, "We both appeared on the show 'We Got Married' at the same time, but our male co-stars were completely different. It's not often that you get to appear on the same talent show with a fellow member, but I did envy Seohyun in that respect." At the time, Taeyeon was coupled with comedian Hyung-don Jeong and Seohyun was with CN Blue's leader Yong-hwa Jung.

Besides this, they revealed the back story to Yuri's outstanding swimming ability for the first time.

This episode of 'The Beatles Code', hosting the Girls Generation will air on the music specialty channel Mnet on Friday, December 8 at 12 AM (Thursday night).

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