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Wall Street Journal, Billboard and Huffington Post Fall in Love with K-Pop Rapper Psy?!

By Staff Writer | August 03, 2012 12:03 PM EDT

Wall Street Journal, Billboard and Huffington Post Fall in Love with...Psy?!
Wall Street Journal, Billboard and Huffington Post Fall in Love with...Psy?! (Photo : s)

Many U.S. Media sites have been featuring Psy's "Gangnam Style" as his song reaches over 10 million hits on YouTube.

The Wall Street Journal writes an article explaining the different scenes of the video as well as the special guests that appear in the video. Comedians Yoo Jae Suk and No Hong Chul are seen in the video with cameo roles. 4minute member HyunA is also featured in this video as well.

Psy was also being talked about on Reddit and Gawker. Political commentator, Andrew Sullivan even stated that this video could be a daily "mental health break."

Sullivan continued and stated, "Everyone needs a little Korean hip-hop now and again."

The U.S. Billboard website also released an article about Psy's video going viral.

They talked about his battle on the K-Pop Chart 100 with 'Asia's star' BoA, who also recently made a comeback.

They also reveal Psy's addicting horse dance move that many people have been foliowing. On a recent broadcast of SBS "Inkigayo," other K-Pop stars joined the stage to dance this fun move together.

The Huffington Post also recently featured an article about Psy's video being impossible to resist. They explain the background of the video and relate much of the music sounds to bands such as LMFAO and Far East Movement.

With famous media like these posting Psy's video on the internet, it is no wonder Psy's popularity is heating up. He is now surpassing 11 million views on YouTube.

YG Entertainment states that through this breakthrough, Psy seems to have the potential to debut overseas.

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